New Orleans House Project

Monday, July 28, 2014

Side Trip Into Upcycled Denim

This past Saturday I was inspired by the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to make this pattern using some red scraps.  My Dear Husband decided he would like an earbud case too, but he requested his be made from denim.

I have a huge tub of old jeans (waiting to be made into quilts, of course!), so I pulled out a likely pair and quickly cut out the needed denim pieces.  I found the perfect fabric for the lining in my stash and I also happened to have a dark blue zipper on hand.
The denim was heavy enough that batting was not needed, but I did use some lightweight fusible interfacing for a little extra body.
I also used some trusty fabric glue to help hold the pieces in place for stitching.
The process went a little more smoothly using an electric sewing machine with the ability to sew in reverse, but I still think the top-stitching done by my Singer Model 15 was prettier!
Dear Husband was tickled to have an earbud case made from his old jeans!


  1. That's a good idea! I should make some of those for Christmas!

  2. I bet he was tickled indeed!!! I've seen those and would love to make one for my grandkids - someday I hope!

  3. Too cute! What did you do with the rest of his jeans, or is he wearing trendy ripped jeans now! Lol!