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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grandmother's Flower Garden: Still Stitching Vintage Hexies

I inherited an unfinished Grandmother's Flower Garden project several years ago.  I have worked on it off and on for years but have yet to get anywhere close to completing it.  I see it has been just over a year since I last brought it out to play!
Today was dreary and rainy, and Dear Husband wanted company while he watched football (American football/NFL) and tracked the progress of his fantasy football team.  A perfect excuse for relaxing with some hand stitching!
I'm at the point where the hexie flowers need to be joined together.  I've been experimenting with different approaches for streamlining the process, but I'm not sure I've discovered the best method yet.   That's OK, I'm enjoying the relaxation that is inherent in hand stitching!

I'm glad to have the opportunity for some Slow Sunday Stitching again, and linking up with others who appreciate this tradition over at Kathy's Quilts!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday: More Orange Frolics!

Dear Husband had to work this weekend, so no trip to the camp.  On the other hand, that meant I could immerse myself in sewing to my heart's content.  Today that meant more orange scrappy play!
First, I finished up the Scrap Jar Stars I started last weekend.  For some reason, these blocks just make me happy - in any color!  I think I will continue to make them as an on-going scrap busting project.
I also added a Maverick Star to this month's batch, made with darker orange scraps.
The design wall was empty, so I arranged all the scrappy Maverick Stars to date.  I'm thinking these need another block between them, maybe something string-pieced.  These are only 6" blocks, so there's definitely room for more.
This month's Carpenter's Wheel was a joy to make!  

I also pinned up the scrappy Carpenter's Wheel blocks thus far.  These blocks measure 16".  I'm only now starting to have glimmers of ideas for how I'd like to set these.  I like the idea of 9 blocks, but I'm not sure what color the last block will be.  Time and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge will tell!

Linking up with all the other Rainbow Scrap quilters over at Angela's SoScrappy blog - lots more lovely orange on view there!



Saturday, September 20, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday: Orange Distractions

Many distractions this week, so not much orange sewing.  At least I could go in my sewing room and admire my orange scraps and strips!
I did get to make the Ribbons block for the Rainbow Scrap Sampler.

This afternoon I stitched up some Scrap Jar Star parts.  I didn't bring any extra 2" squares, or I could've assembled the entire block. 

I bought a kit for this table runner a couple of years ago.  I decided it could be the next camp project - something that stays at the camp until finished.
This isn't strictly scrappy, but I'll have lots of reproduction-style oranges to play with as I'm completing this project.  Looking forward to using a different range of orange fabrics!

I'm linking up with more Rainbow Scrap stitchers over at Angela's SoScrappy blog.  I know there will be lots of great orange scrappy inspiration to enjoy!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday: Let the Orange Frolics Begin!

I had some time to dive into my orange scraps this week - what fun!  All that orange fabric makes me want to start another orange-themed quilt.  I'm trying to be good and stay focused on projects at hand!
One "Kick" block was added to the Rainbow Sampler stack.  This one was a fun way to use the Tri-Rec rulers!
Another Rainbow Sampler block - "Plus".  Quick and easy, plus I love the orange star fabric!
Last week, Sally T (Objects of Design) featured orange cat blocks.  Her blocks reminded me of an orange cat who once owned me, so of course I needed to make an orange cat.
As you can see, Butch was my sewing assistant!

For my ongoing scrappy project, I added 2 orange 9 patches.
And one Maverick Star.

There are still large piles of orange scraps calling my name.  I hope this coming week has plenty of time for orangey stitching!

To see more orange scrappy inspiration, do stop by Angela's Soscrappy blog to see what other Rainbow Scrappers have been up to!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Scrap Bag

A  compendium of recent quilt-related activities...
I signed up for Barb's 9-patch swap back in July.  She shared a terrific nine-patch technique on her blog and incited a swarm of nine-patch construction!  I've been lollygagging a little, mostly making the blocks as leader-enders.  Now the deadline is looming and I'm only half-way through.  I will be sewing nine-patches like mad for the next few days!

I lucked into one of these beauties a few weeks ago.  Sorry for the funky color, I didn't want to have half the design washed out by using the camera's flash.  
The tin was issued in 1997 and originally held miniature Milky Way candy bars.  The bottom of the tin is labeled "Baltimore Album Quilt" and explains the history of Baltimore Album quilts. 
Oh look!  The nine-patch blocks fit perfectly!

Another block in the Austen Family Album series, this one representing Anne Brydges LeFroy, a good friend of Jane Austen's - hence the block name "Friendship".
Old Maid's Puzzle is for Anne LeFroy's nephew, Tom LeFroy, with whom Jane had a brief romance.  Indeed, that romance was the basis of the movie Becoming Jane, but as always, screenwriters take liberties with the story!

I also finished hand-stitching the binding on another Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt, but I need to take outdoor pictures of it - and it's raining right now.  Maybe tomorrow...


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday: Are You Ready for Some Orange?

September is the month of orange for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I am ready!  Thanks to the RSC, I've really learned to appreciate the color orange for the spark it can add to scrap quilts.
I dug out all my orange scraps - strips and squares in various sizes, as well as a jar full of pieces too small for the strips & squares bins.  I have plenty to work with for my 16 patch blocks, 9 patch blocks and maverick stars.
Angela has already posted two blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Sampler.  I finished the Bear's Paw block earlier this week, but haven't had time for more.  

A final picture of the completed scrappy green Trip Around the World quilt top.  There were a few sunny moments at the camp last Sunday, so I snapped a few pictures before the rain returned.
I loved the stained glass effect from the opposite side!

I'm linking up with Angela's So Scrappy blog today.   There will be lots of orange inspiration, but I won't get to see most of it until this evening.  We're off on a bit of a road trip to deliver our grand-dog back to our son.  It's been fun having 3 dogs (our son's dog Jozy and our dog McKenzie are brother and sister), but it will be nice to have a slightly smaller menagerie.
Bailey, Jozy & McKenzie