New Orleans House Project

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Red Repro Returning

This week's Rainbow Scrap Challenge project was to use some red reproduction fabrics for quarter log cabin blocks.
It's sad that reproduction fabrics don't photograph easily.  This is a nice group of different red fabrics, but you'd need a real close-up shot to see all the variety.  I'm contemplating setting these blocks on point for the final quilt, so I keep experimenting to see how I like that arrangement.

And for comparison, here are all the quarter log blocks together, in a straight set.  The blocks finish at 9 inches, and I plan to have at least 45 blocks when I'm finished.  

That's the extent of my RSC sewing for this week.  I'm still trying to finish some UFOs, so I'm keeping the scrappy sewing short and sweet for awhile.  There's lots of scrappy inspiration at the weekly RSC link-up, though!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Red Hot July Scraps

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge proceedeth, and the color for this month's scrapping is declared to be red.  Perfect for these record-setting hot July days!

A quick excavation in the box of 1.5 inch strips produced enough scraps for two 49 patch blocks.  I started making these blocks in 2017, using random 2 inch scrap pieces.  When the 2 inch squares were exhausted, I started using Trip Around the World style piecing to make these blocks.  

The design wall was empty, so I pinned up all the 49 patch blocks to date.  I've been aiming for 3 blocks in every rainbow color, so I need more orange and blue blocks.  There's a 3rd pink block, but I noticed the sizing was off, so it may have to get re-done.

That's the extent of my red-hot scrappy stitching so far this month.  For more scrappy inspiration, check out the Rainbow Scrap Challenge link-up for today!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Call of the UFO

The UFOs stashed away in drawers, bins, baskets and closets have all been clamoring for attention lately.  This is not a bad thing.  Although I'd love to be starting any number of new projects, the UFOs won't leave me alone until at least a few of them are finished - or at least moved to the finished flimsy stage.

I finally finished the second (larger) Feed Sack Bag I had started a couple of years ago.  I made the smaller bag first and wasn't sure I wanted to make the second one, even though I already had all the pieces cut out.  Everything languished for over a year.  Finally, I decided to go ahead and make the second bag, and stash it away as a potential gift.

The pattern is Joanna Figueroa's Feed Sack Bag (go take a look at her pictures - much better than mine!).  It's a fun pattern:  well-written, easy to follow and a nice result.  The largest bag is perfect for jelly roll strips.  My only complaint is the outside pocket is not very useful and there are no inside pockets.  I could probably have added inside pockets, but I just wanted to finish up, not experiment with the pattern!

Another quilt that got some love this week was this ridiculously long-term medallion project.  Back in the early/mid 1990s, I amassed a large collection of cow-themed fabrics to make a quilt for a beloved kindergarten teacher.  Her classroom was decorated with all kinds of cow-themed items, so I thought a cow quilt would be perfect.  Before I could get started, she let me know she really didn't want a cow-themed quilt, so I had to revise my plans!

The center fabric panel was the inspiration for this quilt.  My original plan was to play with creating my own medallion quilt and to try to use as much cow-themed fabric as possible.  I made and discarded multiple borders before finally deciding I had to add some non-cow fabric to make the whole thing work out!

My favorite border is made of Ohio Star blocks with fussy-cut centers.  I think this is where my love of fussy-cutting was inspired!  The black and white fabric was an early text print; the text says "moo".

When I pulled the medallion out earlier this week, I wasn't sure if it needed more pieced borders or if it was essentially finished.  I looked at a lot of medallion quilts online and in quilt books and decided I really did not want to add more blocks.  I happened to have a chunk of very pale yellow fabric that would make a nice light-colored border and another chunk of scenic cow fabric that would make a good outer border.  Boom!  Finished top!

BTW, the fabric for the outer cow border has been hanging around for a long time, too!

Last week, I mentioned I wanted to work on finishing my Grandmother's Choice BOW quilt.  I haven't forgotten - just need to make a trip to the LQS before I can begin.  I looked through all the appropriate fabrics in my stash and didn't have any pieces big enough to make all the sashing needed for the quilt.  I hate when shopping in the stash doesn't work!  This was block 47 of the BOW - Heroine's Crown.