New Orleans House Project

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Pink Scrappy Fun!

 How can playing with pink scraps not be fun?!

This month's color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge was pink.  I had plenty of fun stitching up pink scrappy blocks, and even started a new scrap project.

The oldest batch of blocks in my current RSC collection are Antique Tiles blocks.

Blackford's Beauty was an unexpected RSC 2022 block.  I didn't think I had enough scrappy variety for multiple blocks, but one block per month (in each fabric style) still uses up a bunch of scraps!

Modern Blackford's Beauty

Reproduction Blackford's Beauty.

And thanks to Pat Sloan - I started up another RSC project.

These are 36-patch blocks, constructed of 2.5 inch squares.  After seeing Pat Sloan talk about this on a YouTube video, I pulled out my Accuquilt and started cutting.

All my see-through project boxes are currently occupied (imagine that!), so I pulled out a tin and a wooden cigar box to keep the pieces tamed.  As soon as the next RSC color is announced, I'll cut another batch of squares and pair them up with light squares to use as leader-enders.

I've been waiting for just the right project to use this Crabtree & Evelyn tin.  This makes me smile every time I see it!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

A Time to Finish

 This week I got motivated to try to finish some languishing projects.  I was tired of unfinished projects taking up valuable space on the flat surfaces in my sewing studio.

I had cut out the materials for this crossbody vinyl bag last fall.  At the time, I didn't have the hardware (swivel hooks, D-rings, and strap slider) needed to finish the bag, so I set everything aside.

Dear Hubby and I attended a college baseball game last week, and I needed to take a see-through bag to the game to hold some essentials.  I had a smaller bag I also made last fall, but a roomier bag was definitely preferable.  Time to assemble the prepped bag!

 I used a regular dressmaker-type zipper on this bag; next time I'll be sure to order a zipper with a larger zipper pull.  Happily, I found this cute zipper charm hiding in my jewelry box!

Another project leftover from last fall - zipper pouches designed to use up the unused Dallas Cowboys fabrics from this pillow project.  I had cut out the parts and pieces for three zipper pouches, but set them aside when I decided to order donut pull zippers.

I finished one pouch yesterday and hope to finish the other two today.  The pattern is the Sotak Handmade Essential Pouch in the medium size.

No more bags, just strings!

I had a lot of pink, green, and flamingo scraps leftover from my Flamboyant Flamingos quilt.  Because the fussy cutting made such irregular holes in the fabric, it seemed like a good idea to cut the scraps into strips.  The strips inspired 60 degree diamonds, and the diamonds inspired stars.  

All the strips and diamonds were stashed at our camp, where I could piece them on weekends with my treadle sewing machine.  Last weekend I finally finished enough diamonds for four stars, so I brought them all home to start the assembly process.  The star blocks will definitely need some sashing and maybe some cornerstones.  Luckily, I have plenty of fabric to finish the project, so it shouldn't get stalled out and languish for months!

Friday, April 22, 2022

Two Rainbow Scrap Finishes

The month of April has just about blown by, but I figure I can still get in a few blog posts before May pops up!
It's been a busy month.  Dear Hubby and I drove to Kansas City for his 50th high school reunion.  The reunion events were actually fun, and in between we managed to do some hiking and attended a KC Royals baseball game.  Shortly after returning to New Orleans, we walked in our first 10K race.  Dear Son David also came home to run in the same race (Crescent City Classic), so we got to spend time with him and our granddog, Jozy.  In the midst of all that, I entered two quilts in the Gulf States Quilting Association Biennial Quilt Show, won a third place ribbon, and celebrated another trip around the sun!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend the quilt show.  Long story short, the show conflicted with Dear Hubby's reunion, and he neglected to tell me about the rescheduled dates until after I had registered my quilts in the show.  Fortunately, local quilting friends took care of my quilts and made sure I got pictures of them hanging in the show.  The ribbon was awarded to Windblown Wishes, which I consider a team win, since Diane Knott wrote the quilt pattern and did the quilting!
And speaking of Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts - the inspiration for Windblown Wishes - I finished two more RSC quilts this month.  They are both destined to be gifted, but I did a quick photo shoot yesterday to document them. 

 I didn't give this quilt a formal name, but it started with Bonnie Hunter's Easy Breezy blocks.  I started piecing the blocks in July, 2020.

 The Easy Breezy blocks are only six inch blocks, so after working through all the rainbow colors I went back and made rainbow framed squares to bump up the number of blocks available for a quilt.  The finished quilt size is 66" x 78".
Circular design quilting by Diane Knott of Butterfly Threads Quilting.

The backing fabric has been marinating in the stash since 2017 or 2018.  It's a Fabric Finders print commemorating the 300th anniversary of New Orleans.   Yay for using up the stash!


I started making these pinwheel blocks in 2017 for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  The setting idea came from a vintage quilt I saw in a decorating magazine.  Again, I didn't give this quilt a formal name, but I've seen quilts with this design called "Flutter Wheel".  This one finished at 64" x 75".

 Same quilting design as the Easy Breezy quilt; also quilted by Diane Knott.

More Fabric Finders 300th anniversary fabric for the backing.  This print is just slightly different as the colorway is red and it has soft pink magnolia blossoms in the mix. 
Both quilts have been given their respective labels and had storage pillowcases made.  They'll be traveling to new homes next month, where I hope they will be used and enjoyed!