New Orleans House Project

Thursday, April 28, 2022

A Time to Finish

 This week I got motivated to try to finish some languishing projects.  I was tired of unfinished projects taking up valuable space on the flat surfaces in my sewing studio.

I had cut out the materials for this crossbody vinyl bag last fall.  At the time, I didn't have the hardware (swivel hooks, D-rings, and strap slider) needed to finish the bag, so I set everything aside.

Dear Hubby and I attended a college baseball game last week, and I needed to take a see-through bag to the game to hold some essentials.  I had a smaller bag I also made last fall, but a roomier bag was definitely preferable.  Time to assemble the prepped bag!

 I used a regular dressmaker-type zipper on this bag; next time I'll be sure to order a zipper with a larger zipper pull.  Happily, I found this cute zipper charm hiding in my jewelry box!

Another project leftover from last fall - zipper pouches designed to use up the unused Dallas Cowboys fabrics from this pillow project.  I had cut out the parts and pieces for three zipper pouches, but set them aside when I decided to order donut pull zippers.

I finished one pouch yesterday and hope to finish the other two today.  The pattern is the Sotak Handmade Essential Pouch in the medium size.

No more bags, just strings!

I had a lot of pink, green, and flamingo scraps leftover from my Flamboyant Flamingos quilt.  Because the fussy cutting made such irregular holes in the fabric, it seemed like a good idea to cut the scraps into strips.  The strips inspired 60 degree diamonds, and the diamonds inspired stars.  

All the strips and diamonds were stashed at our camp, where I could piece them on weekends with my treadle sewing machine.  Last weekend I finally finished enough diamonds for four stars, so I brought them all home to start the assembly process.  The star blocks will definitely need some sashing and maybe some cornerstones.  Luckily, I have plenty of fabric to finish the project, so it shouldn't get stalled out and languish for months!


  1. It's such a good idea to make a clear cross body bag like that for those stadium events. Nice pouch too, and fun strings;).

  2. Oh, so much Good Stuff in this post! First, I love your updated picture! The clear vinyl bag is a great idea. And the zipper pouch is so fun! I love making zip pouches. And those pink and green flamingo scraps, be still my heart. I’m glad to see you’re getting mileage out of them!! xo

  3. I love your see-through crossbody bag, and your string star block is so pretty. The zipper pouch is a nice size.

  4. Feels good to get those languishing projects completed. The bags are super cute. Love the string stars. It's interesting how certain fabrics just keep going and going.

  5. great bag and I LOVE the string star in pink!