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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday: Lest Auld Scrappiness Be Forgot

I've come to the conclusion I should just take a vacation from blogging in December.  It's always a crazy month for me, as my husband and youngest son both have birthdays before Christmas.  This year has been even crazier, as my major project at work culminates on December 31st, and these past few weeks have been a mass of frustration as I try to herd cats to a successful outcome! 

Fortunately, I have had time to sneak in some quilt therapy here and there.  I've been wrapping up Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects from this year and contemplating what I will do for next year's RSC.  
Last weekend I immersed myself in all the episodes of Season One of the "Serial" podcast, and made the borders for the Carpenter's Wheel quilt.
The finished quilt measures 68" x 68".  No clue yet how it will be quilted, but I do plan to give it to my sister when it's done.  I really enjoyed challenging myself with this project and now I can cross this quilt block off my quilting bucket list!
While I'm talking about this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects, I'll mention this Scrap Jar Star quilt again.  I still need to add at least a bit more width to it, so I'll be looking for some appropriate border fabric as the new year begins.  I'm going to give this one to my youngest sister.
My Rainbow Scrap Sampler blocks are still waiting for sashing.  That will definitely be a project for 2015.
I made a few of these 9-patch blocks this year.  These are only 6" blocks, so I'll need more before I have enough for a quilt.  This project will continue through 2015.
Another RSC project this year was making Maverick or Liberated Stars.  Again, these are only 6" blocks, so I'll need to make more before I have enough for a quilt.  Channeling Bonnie Hunter:  I'm thinking of making string-pieced, low volume blocks for the alternate squares.
The RSC has really taught me to appreciate 16-patch blocks.  They are not only great scrap busters, but good building blocks for a variety of quilts.  This block was made in 2014, and the darker fabric shades inspired me to focus on reproduction fabric 16-patches for 2015.  

I'm really looking forward to the next round of Rainbow Scrap Challenge fun!  Many thanks to our fearless leader, Angela of SoScrappy, for all her work in providing inspiration for our quilt therapy!

Here's to the last Rainbow Scrap Challenge link-up of 2014!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday: The Fruits of Scrappiness

Seems like I have been busy with things other than sewing - especially work - since Thanksgiving.  I haven't had much sewing time, but I'm getting things done in small batches.  I'm still focused on finishing several quilt projects so the slate is clear for the beginning of 2015.  It's a worthy goal, but I don't know if I'll achieve it!
I finished assembling all the Scrap Jar Stars.  The current measurement is approximately 55 x 70, which to my mind is a little narrow.  I have just enough of the dotty background fabric to add another round of narrow sashing to complete the floating 9 patches on the outer edges.  That will only add three inches to the width, so I'm still contemplating whether I want to try adding a multi-color print border for additional size.  I guess it would depend on whether I could find just the right fabric for another border.
I also spent some quality time with my Carpenter's Wheel blocks.  I needed one more block to make a three by three setting, so I made a color wheel version of the block.  
When the color wheel block was finished, I just randomly pinned all the Carpenter's Wheel blocks to the design wall.  I plan to add white sashing and cornerstones to the blocks so there will be a floating 9 patch secondary design.  I'll probably add a solid white border, a border of random colored squares and another white border.
I tried re-arranging the blocks into color wheel order, but I think I like the random arrangement better!

 I'm linking up with the other Rainbow Scrap enthusiasts over at Angela's SoScrappy blog today.  There will be lots of colorful inspiration, for sure!