New Orleans House Project

Saturday, December 18, 2021

The Solstice is Almost Here

 I have been counting down the days to the Winter Solstice, looking forward to the days starting to get longer.  

Dear Hubby and I have been walking early in the morning since June.  Since DH has to leave for work no later than 6:30 am, our walks usually take place before sunrise, especially since the end of Daylight Saving Time.  You can see why I'd be paying attention to the length of the days!

The change in the season also heralds a change in my quilting activities: wrapping up projects from 2021 and contemplating the quilty fun ahead in 2022.  There are more projects to wrap up than time will allow, but it's given me goals to work toward.


I got a late start on the Two and Four QAL, but did manage to finish the flimsy shortly after Thanksgiving.  The design wall was taken up with another project, so I just spread out the top on the guest room bed for a quick picture.  This was a fun scrap-buster: quick and easy!


I started working on this quilt just a few days before Halloween.  The kit (from Fig Tree & Co.) had been kicking around in my stash for several years and was calling out to get made.  It's based on Joanna Figueroa's Navajo Stars pattern, but uses orange, black, and tan fabrics for a Halloween theme.  



The whole palette has less contrast and color than my usual, but it's good to try new things.  The background fabric is cream with light brown dots.  It doesn't show up well in the photos, but it's a really lovely fabric and I wish I had more of it!

The example from the pattern instructions (here) was heavily quilted, which really adds interest to the quilt.  Something to contemplate for 2022.


Once the Navajo Stars were off the design wall,  I pulled out the Sugar Loaf blocks that were a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project in 2021.  The pattern calls for five additional blocks, which will be cut in half.  A half block is to be placed in each of the open areas at the top or bottom of the rows.  I'm still not happy about cutting the blocks in half, but I haven't come up with any better design options. 

I'll be away with my Florida family for a few days, but maybe I can finish the blocks before the end of the year.

Warm holiday wishes to all - whatever holiday you may celebrate!



Thursday, December 9, 2021

Gifty Mode Continues

I'm still in gift making mode, although I'm trying to wrap things up and get back to some quilts that need my attention!

Last night was my small quilt guild's Christmas party.  We met at a local restaurant and had a fun time celebrating the fact we could gather together to enjoy food and quilting fellowship.  Everyone brought a sewing/quilting related gift to share and we went through a series of silly swaps before everyone could open their gift.


I had recently seen a YouTube video about this stitching kit and wanted to try making one.  I decided this would make a great gift for the guild swap.  My version is based on the Simple Sewing Kit video by Sherri McConnell.

Sherri's Simple Sewing Kit is based on the Goody Goody Binding Kit by Vanessa Goertzen.  Sherri liked the kit but wanted to make it slightly larger.  Her version is a couple of inches taller.



I even had some Vanessa Goertzen fabric marinating in my stash (Farmer's Daughter from 2017).  

Everything went together pretty smoothly, and I was happy with the result.  There's still plenty of Vanessa's fabric left over, so I plan to make a kit for myself and another for a friend.


Vanessa designed the kit to hold quilt binding necessities.  She used the pocket on the right side to hold candy bars - hence the name "Goody Goody Binding Kit"!

Sherri McConnell asked for Vanessa's permission to enlarge the kit, as she wanted to use it for toting around paper piecing projects.  Either way - it's a cute project and makes a great gift!


When last we spoke I was about to take off for Thanksgiving adventures...

Our boys both have to work through Christmas this year, so we decided to get together as a family for Thanksgiving.  We all met up in Dallas, where younger son David had to work on Thanksgiving day.  Our Thanksgiving meal was a tailgating party prior to a Dallas Cowboys football game.  Nothing like new traditions!

David's friends Megan and Kelsey loved their Dallas Cowboys pillows!  Kelsey tried to convince me I should sell similar items on Etsy.  Hahahaha - NO!