New Orleans House Project

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Quilty Halloween Fun

On a recent trip to my local quilt shop, Mes Amis, I spied some fun Halloween fabric.  
I knew some of the fabric needed to come home with me, but it was such a large print, I wasn't sure how I would use it in a quilt.  

And really, who could resist this Halloween kitty?!

Of course my quilt shop pals came to my rescue, recommending a pattern called "Awry" by Mountain Peak Creations.  Not exactly the type of pattern I usually want to try, but perfect for the large prints in this group.

Here are a few of the prints from the same group

Yes, those are skulls on the fabric selvedge!

Not quite a quilt in a day project, but definitely a quilt in a weekend.  I stitched on the outer borders this afternoon in between NFL football games.  At this rate, I might actually have the quilt finished in time for Halloween!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Purple Patchwork

We're already half-way through the month of September, and I'm just getting around to playing with this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color:  purple!

Two purple Sugar Bowls wrapped up the design plan for using these blocks in a quilt.  I won't be able to start assembling the blocks any time soon, but but I have a plan.  

I've really enjoyed this block style - I think I'll try a different basket-style block for a future RSC project!

Ring of Stars has been another fun block project.  I'm making this quilt for a friend, but I like the pattern so much, I might have to make another one for myself!

I'm always amazed by the varieties of the color purple.  Both of these fabrics are purple, but they look completely different!  

And...purples are hard to photograph!  This fabric is dark purple, but not as dark as the photo.

I'll save all my purple Tiny Tuesday blocks for a post later this month.  In the meantime, there's more purple inspiration at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge link-up for today.