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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Scrap Bag

A  compendium of recent quilt-related activities...
I signed up for Barb's 9-patch swap back in July.  She shared a terrific nine-patch technique on her blog and incited a swarm of nine-patch construction!  I've been lollygagging a little, mostly making the blocks as leader-enders.  Now the deadline is looming and I'm only half-way through.  I will be sewing nine-patches like mad for the next few days!

I lucked into one of these beauties a few weeks ago.  Sorry for the funky color, I didn't want to have half the design washed out by using the camera's flash.  
The tin was issued in 1997 and originally held miniature Milky Way candy bars.  The bottom of the tin is labeled "Baltimore Album Quilt" and explains the history of Baltimore Album quilts. 
Oh look!  The nine-patch blocks fit perfectly!

Another block in the Austen Family Album series, this one representing Anne Brydges LeFroy, a good friend of Jane Austen's - hence the block name "Friendship".
Old Maid's Puzzle is for Anne LeFroy's nephew, Tom LeFroy, with whom Jane had a brief romance.  Indeed, that romance was the basis of the movie Becoming Jane, but as always, screenwriters take liberties with the story!

I also finished hand-stitching the binding on another Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt, but I need to take outdoor pictures of it - and it's raining right now.  Maybe tomorrow...



  1. Great blocks and love the nine patches. Such a versatile block. Can't wait to see how you decide to set your swap blocks.

  2. your nine patches look really wonderful and that tin is a real treasure! never seen anything like it!

  3. Love seeing your nine patch and Austen blocks. As for the tin, it is gorgeous and a perfect place to put your finished blocks!

  4. That is a cool tin. Have fun finishing your 9 patches

  5. I love old tins too! A nine patch swap would be a lot of fun!