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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Austen Family Album: For Family and Regent

Barbara Brackman's Austen Family Album BOW continues to educate and entertain!

The Waves of the Sea block was chosen to represent Jane Austen's brother, Francis Austen.  He had an illustrious career in the British Navy, including a knighthood conferred by Queen Victoria and ending his career as the Admiral of the Fleet.  I tried to use some of the text-themed fabric in my chosen collection - Curio by Basic Grey for Moda.  I think the block came out a little boring, but it fits in with the others nicely.
Another of Jane's brothers, Charles, also served in the British Navy.  The Crosses and Losses block is to symbolize his career; he remembered his sisters by buying them gold chains and topaz crosses.
Another of Jane's brothers, George Austen II, was born with some type of disability.  There is very little information available about George's life, but his condition prompted the family to board him with another family who cared for mentally disabled people in their home.  Thus, the block Home Comfort is in memory of George.
This is one of my favorite blocks so far - King's Crown.  The block was chosen in honor of England's Prince George, son of King George III.  Prince George served as the Regent during King George's periods of incapacity; his service gives name to the era of English history we now call the Regency.  I really enjoyed reading about Prince George and King George and especially the medical mystery that or may not have afflicted them.  I remember reading Regency novels by Georgette Heyer when I was a kid; now I understand more about the history and culture of the Regency!
The design wall was empty, so I was able to put all the blocks together - in no particular order.  Have I mentioned these blocks finish at 12"?  I'm going to run out of design wall space before the BOW ends!


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