New Orleans House Project

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday: Running with Red

Many of you have no doubt heard of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  I bet you didn't know New Orleans has its own running of the bulls, aka San Fermin en Nueva Orleans.  The participants are expected to dress in white and wear red neck scarves and sashes.  It's an amazing sea of red and white, running through the streets of New Orleans!

Unfortunately, my only running with red this week involves fabric.
A run of scrappy red geese that will eventually be incorporated into Scrap Jar Stars blocks.
A lonely red 9 patch.  Most of the pieces here are ancient scraps (greater than 10 years old!), so I'm glad they are on the run!
I ran through some more red scraps catching up with the Rainbow Sampler blocks for this month.
After I made the Nonesense block, I decided my fabric choices made it look like firecrackers!
I also ran across these cats in the scrap bag.  I thought they'd make a good Hashtag block, but I think I'll call mine "Cat-tag".  (sorry, I'm genetically wired to love puns!)  BTW, the background fabric is black and white, not black and pink.

My last year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge was all about colorful houses in fabric and in New Orleans.  I recently ran across a photo essay of colorful New Orleans houses and thought you all might enjoy it.  My fabric houses are still warming up; I have lots of great ideas for assembling them into a quilt, but never enough hours in the day to do all the quilting I'd like!

And now I've run out of corny ways to talk about this week's quilting marathon, so I'll stop and encourage you to stroll over to Angela's Soscrappy blog for some more scrappy red energy!



  1. Running with the red sounds a lot safer than running with the bulls. Great adaptation. I loved viewing all the colourful houses in New Orleans. Looking forward to seeing how you use your colourful houses in a quilt. Love the hashtag kitties.

  2. Fun fun fun! You are so creative with your quilting blocks and your writing! Loved reading your post... enjoy running with red!
    Can't wait to see what you do with your house blocks! I loved watching them being built last year. I still think you should make a book of it - a block and the inspiration house per page, and then how you put them together and the final quilt.... it would be beautiful!

  3. Very pretty red blocks. I like the red kitties.

  4. Hopefully there is no red fabrics running into other fabrics nearby! Looks like you had fun with your red fabrics this week. Looking forward to seeing how the neighborhood of colorful houses decide they want to be in a quilt. It was so fun to watch them grow last year.

  5. A nice collection of blocks for this week. Great red fabrics; I like the mix of modern and repro.

  6. A huge pile of red blocks Angie - they are lovely. You were doing your houses when I first started following you and I enjoyed the posts very much.

  7. You have done well with your red blocks. Your houses look great too

  8. Haha!!! Love all your lovely red scrappiness blocks!!! And totally love your pun :)

  9. oh loved the photo essay of the houses. Yours are great too.
    fun red blocks!

  10. I do love those house blocks.

    Didn't know about New Orleans version of running with bulls. My little brother always wanted to do that. He might actually be able to handle the New Orleans version now that he's an old man!

  11. Keep the corny puns coming! What a busy week.

  12. Love your red blocks. Awesome houses! I'm a sucker for house blocks.
    BTY Enjoyed the puns : )