New Orleans House Project

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Log Cabin at the Camp

This past winter, my Dear Husband asked me to make him a log cabin quilt.  He showed me a red, white and blue LC quilt he found online and said he would like one like it.  DH has really never asked for a quilt before, so how could I say no?

I knew I wouldn't be able to start it immediately, but I did start pulling fabrics from the stash.  Since January's color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge was blue, I even started cutting a stack of 2 1/2" blue strips while I was playing in the blue fabric drawer.

I made a sample quilt block using 2 1/2 inch strips, but I didn't think DH would like it, as the quilt he originally showed me had smaller strips.
The second sample block used 2" strips.  Much to my surprise, DH preferred the larger strips.  Maybe he knew I would finish the quilt more quickly using bigger strips!
By the end of July 4th weekend, I was off to a good start.
By today, I had completed 30 12" log cabin blocks.  Now I need to put them on the design wall at home to play with an arrangement.  I'm planning on a barn raising layout, but I'll need to play with the blocks for an even fabric/color layout.
I use a Singer Model 15 treadle at the camp.  I love sewing on it - the motion of the treadle is soothing and relaxing.  It's a great addition to log cabin therapy!


  1. I love this quilt! I can't wait to make a log cabin quilt!

  2. Very pretty blocks. Maybe one day I will make a log cabin quilt. I love this block.

  3. I agree log cabin is a nice gentle quilt to make! Your colours look wonderful, I'm sure he will love it. You've quite made me want to make some log blocks. Thanks!

  4. Your quilt is going to be stunning with your beautiful fabrics. Isn't he lucky!

  5. Love that he asked for the quilt! The larger strips do look more masculine for some reason too. You've made a great start!

  6. So nice when they ask for a quilt... I'm impressed he did the legwork to find a photo of one he liked. Your blocks look great.