New Orleans House Project

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

The local weather forecasters have been busy telling us about all the gloomy weather we should expect this weekend. So much so that we have postponed plans for a bike ride and opted for some flea marketing (indoor) instead. Fortunately, this month's scrappy color is yellow, so I've got plenty of sunshine to keep me happy!

Today's blocks, brought to you by the color yellow and the ever-popular Granny Square. I am really enjoying basking in all this wonderful yellow!

As I have been working on these challenge blocks, I have been thinking of possible recipients for the finished quilts. I have come up with several ideas, and now the personalities of those friends/family members are starting to influence the quilt blocks! I am very excited to eventually be able to share some colorful quilts with special people. How about you - are you thinking of sharing your rainbow quilt(s) with anyone special? How is that affecting your quilt as you go forward?

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