New Orleans House Project

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rainbow Scrap Saturday: Walkin' on Sunshine

The venerable Greek Square provides this week's yellow scrap happiness!
I was thinking of placing these blocks on point for the final quilt.

But when the blocks are placed together, there's an interesting secondary design where the corners meet.  I think I like this arrangement better!

One week of yellow scrappiness left for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Do visit Soscrappy's blog to see what other RSC quilters are up to!


  1. They do look great when set together. What a fun collection of blocks.

  2. Love this little block and how it becomes even more!

  3. Love the secondary pattern in those blocks. Reminds me of lemon merangue (sp?).

  4. Lovely, I find it interesting how different the blocks can look just by choice of fabric.

  5. Fun that yellow dot!