New Orleans House Project

Monday, May 28, 2012

Civil War Doll Quilt

Another doll quilt top added to the pile for hand-quilting.  The alternate blocks and side triangles went together easily.  I had to ease a little with the borders, but it's not as wavy as it appears in the picture.  I snapped this picture looking out over the dock at our camp.

Album Quilt 
The Civil War Sewing Circle by Kathleen Tracy
Various reproduction fabrics, finished size 36" x 36"

While I had the camera handy, I grabbed a picture of the figs on my fig tree.  Two years ago we got a nice crop of figs in late June/early July.  Last year drought slowed up the production of figs, and the birds ate all the fruit before they had a chance to ripen.  This year I'm hoping for another crop of figs; the weather has been dry, so I've been watering the tree, but now I'll be gone for two weeks, so who knows what will happen.  If I was really energetic, I'd put a net over the tree to keep the birds out!