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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Sunshine of My Life

It's been a blogging-deficient week - although not quilting deficient!  I'll try to get caught up on some posts this weekend.  In the meantime, I'll send out a last little bit of May sunshine for all the Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilters:

I needed a new Leader-Ender project and since I still had lots of 2 inch strips and squares, I decided to start creating some 9-patches.  These will eventually work their way into a 9-patch chain type quilt.  I was able to go back and get caught up on most of the previous Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors, so now I've potentially got 4 quilts to finish up at the end of the year!

Go get some extra sunshine from SoScrappy's Rainbow Challenge link-up today!

Wishing all my American readers a happy Memorial Day weekend!  My dad always liked to send email reminiscences of Decoration Day - as the holiday was known during his childhood.  I enjoyed hearing about those observances from "back in the day" and saved them all.  They are cherished memories of my dad, who I am remembering today.


  1. Wonderful little 9 patches and they are always a great Leader-Ender!

  2. What fun little blocks. It is always so nice to have a leaders and enders project in the background.

  3. Cute! Love the one with the pink and blue!

  4. Your little nine patches are great. I thinking I need some leaders and ends, as I had trouble the other day with starting my machine.

  5. What a great project for using up those little bits and pieces.

    (BTW, I came in from SoScrappy's Rainbow Challenge)