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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Prodigy Parrothead Project Revisited

I hope y'all will indulge me while I go back and take a second look at a quilt I blogged about last November.  After posting my limited and uninspiring pictures of the Prodigy Parrothead Quilt, I emailed the owner and asked if he would loan the quilt back so I could make documentary photographs.  Our ties of friendship have stayed strong over the years, and he happily shipped the quilt to me and told me to keep it as long as I wished!

I've spent the past couple of weekends taking photographs of each quilt block and reminiscing about the people and places represented.

The block on the upper right was hand-beaded with the owner's name - Carmen M - and bunches of grapes!

I had completely forgotten this amazingly vibrant fabric was on the back of the quilt!

I had also forgotten the label on the back.  

And here it is on temporary display at Camp Kilowatt.  It's hard to believe this quilt is almost 20 years old!  Many thanks to my friend Gary for being such a great guardian and graciously loaning the quilt back to me for awhile!


  1. What a pretty quilt that is so meaningful!

  2. What a fun history this quilt has! It looks so modern, I can't believe it's 20 years old!
    Thanks for sharing this amazing quilt!

  3. It must have been fun reliving all the memories that this quilt sparked. It's a beauty, so vibrant! I can see it's been well taken care of! How creative is that gal who beaded her name!