New Orleans House Project

Friday, March 15, 2013

Grandmother's Lessons

I'm still not managing to stay caught up with Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice BOW.  These three blocks (21-23) are some of my favorites so far.  I enjoyed the Parasol block the most, as I hand appliqued the parasol and blanket stitched the handle and tip after fusing them to the background fabric.  The two pieced blocks - Girl's Joy (left) and Jack's Delight (right) were a little fiddly to cut and piece, but I love the result!

Much to my surprise, this BOW quilt-along has inspired me to get over my dislike of sampler quilts.  I have never been a fan of sampler quilts, maybe because they were so plentiful and predictable and boring back in the 1980s when I was learning to quilt.  Sampler quilts are a great learning tool though, because the variety of blocks give quilters the opportunity to practice different quilt-making skills.  I think I had forgotten that aspect of the sampler theory and have been re-discovering the fun of taking small bites of a variety of designs and processes.  I joined the Grandmother's Choice BOW because I wanted to tangibly participate in a history lesson, but the secondary benefit has been a new appreciation for the benefits of making sampler quilts!


  1. Angie, these blocks are all so gorgeous! You have a flare for putting colors and fabrics together. i agree with you about the samplers. i also made one if my first quilts as a sampler quilt in the 80's and decided I did not want to make any more. Now I love them and am participating in several BOM programs!

  2. I absolutely love your blocks. I agree with you on the sampler process with this BOW. I have been learning something new and trying new things and that is always a good thing as a quilter.

  3. Your blocks are really lovely. I have never done a sampler quilt either; I especially like Jack's Delight. Enjoy your weekend Julierose

  4. Your blocks are looking wonderful! Sampler quilts don't have to have predictable layouts all the time--lots of great books out there to help change them up too.:)