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Saturday, May 10, 2014

ScrapHappy Saturday: Catching Up!

I'm looking forward to having a wonderful time sewing today!  Work and life have kept me away from my favorite activity, and I need a Saturday to get caught up on various projects.  

I was off to Florida last weekend for an early Mother's Day celebration with my mom (and sisters) and I didn't have time to set up any blog posts before I left.  So - I'm jumping backward and talking about the color purple.

I really liked the Antique Tile block for the Rainbow Sampler.  I could see a whole quilt of this block, either in a rainbow of colors or a scrappy one-color version.  
Cracker is a fun traditional block.  I have a vintage cracker quilt made by one of my grandmothers.  I've also used the block for a wedding memory quilt.
Ceiling Fan was also fun to assemble.  I really like pinwheel-style blocks; this one would make a great scrappy quilt set on-point!

My purple Carpenter's Wheel block parts are still in need of sewing.  Project Number One for today!

Jumping a little farther back in time - I finally finished another Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt from 2012.  My very first RSC blocks were 16 patches, and I'm delighted with how the quilt turned out!
My fence wasn't quite high enough to display the whole quilt, but you get the idea.
This one shows the quilting nicely - many thanks to my local longarm quilter, Cindy Braiwick!
I made a storage pillowcase with leftovers from the backing.  This quilt goes to my sister-in-law, so I need to make time this week to get it shipped.

The Rainbow Scrap color for May is green, another huge component of my scrap bins.  Indeed, I have an unfinished green project from last year's RSC - a Trip Around the World quilt using only green fabrics.  I'm going to try to work on that when I have some free time this month.  Hahaha!

ScrapHappy Saturday means lots of colorful, scrappy links, so do stop by Angela's blog to see what the other Rainbow Scrappers have been up to!


  1. I love the Antique Tile block, too. Your 16-patch quilt turned out beautifully!

  2. Your 16 patch quilt is fabulous! I hope you don't mind. I am going to pin it to the Rainbow Quilt board. The triangles really make it sing.

  3. Wow, what a great quilt you created with the RSC of 2012. You have a very lucky sister-in-law.

  4. Beautiful finish!! Glad you had some time to do some catching up.

  5. That antique tile block is terrific. I have too much on my plate for this year, so perhaps I'll try that for next year's RSC. Great finish on your 16 patch. Lucky sister-in-law!

  6. Your rainbow quilt turned out beautiful.

  7. Purple is always a tough color for me to play with, but I really like the fabrics you're using and the blocks.:)

  8. I like your sister in laws quilt. Fun colors.

  9. Your antique tile block is wonderful! I could see a whole quilt of them too!
    Your RSC quilt is gorgeous - love the rainbow of colors. I really should pull out some of mine and get them finished =)