New Orleans House Project

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Purple on the Crescent

I have been purple deficient all week!
I did manage to make some purple Maverick Stars early in the week, before life got in the way of sewing.  I really enjoy making these and have been contemplating how I will assemble them into a quilt.  

Since I've had such a deficit of purple sewing this week, I thought I'd show you a zipper bag I found on a recent shopping expedition.  This is from a local chain of shops called Fleurty Girl.  The color is more of a brownish-purple, but it's close enough for me!
Fleurty Girl carries cell phone cases with the vintage New Orleans map, but my cell phone is on the verge of vintage (older than two years - oh my!), so I had to order one from one of those custom cell phone case websites.  Just as well - now my cell phone matches my blog logo!  

I was away from  home most of the day, but when I got home I was delighted to see Angela had posted some new purple blocks for the Rainbow Sampler.
Thanks to Bonnie Hunter's Scrap Saver System, I already had scrappy strips cut in the needed sizes.  It was a quick bit of stitching to make two more purple blocks!  Angela called the block on the right Cracker, but in the comments someone called it Garlic Knot - perfect name!

Now I think I'll go curl up on the sofa and take my time enjoying all the other purple happiness shared at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge link up.  


  1. I love your wonky stars. I haven't made any for a couple of months, but they're what I make too, whenever I have time on my hands!

  2. Love your wonky stars. I may try to make them next year. COOL phone case cover! I have seen that block called a few other names, too. Garlic knot comes to mind as one of them.

  3. I just love your phone case! And your blocks are pretty good too.

  4. The Fleurty Girl items are so much fun. I'll have to give the Wonky Stars a try. A perfect way to use up triangles or squares even if they're not all the same size.

  5. Oh fun!!! I just got a new phone yesterday and don't have a cover for it yet. I'm thinking to use a see-thru one and switch out photos of grandkids and quilts every week or so :) Love your purple blocks!!! The Garlic Knot is a favorite of mine out of the vintage blocks :)

  6. pretty purple blocks and i love your phone cover