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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lemoyne Stars Revisited

I'm still playing with the iPad Blogger app.  It doesn't have many bells and whistles, but it gets the job done.  It does have a camera option built into the program, so I thought I'd give that a try.  The camera option allows you to snap an iPad picture while in the process of typing a blog entry.  You also have the option of using a photo already stored on your iPad.
So, I snapped a quick picture of the progress I've made on the Lemoyne Star doll quilt.  I've been hand-piecing the stars during quiet moments, and only have one more to complete.  The plain blocks are ready to go once the stars are finished.  The large scale pink flowered print will be the outer border.  I'm looking forward to hand quilting this!

Grrrr!  One major drawback to this app is there is no way to put links in your blog post.  That's a big negative for me, so I guess I'll have to keep looking for the perfect iPad blogging app!

Addendum:  link to original Lemoyne star quilt added & picture re-sized via regular Blogger interface on my laptop.


  1. Lovely LS quilt. The colors are soft and lovely, I really really like that pink border fabric!

  2. Very pretty! Maybe I'll break down and print out some diamonds today.

  3. I also love to hand piece in quiet moments. This little beauty is coming along nicely. Love that border fabric. I think I have some of it in my stash!

  4. Ooh, so lovely! This is going to be wonderful to hand quilt!

  5. The border fabric is perfect with your little stars. Which came first? Did you start with the stars, or did you start with the border fabric?
    It will be a lovely project to hand quilt.