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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Cure for Hexie Fever?

I have been sorely tempted by all the hexie stitching to be found throughout Blogland.  So many stitchers have been sharing their hexie projects, it's been hard to resist beginning a project of my own.  But why would I want to resist, you ask?

Because I have an inherited hexie Project That Must Be Finished before I start another!

I was gifted with a bag of partially completed hexagon flowers begun by my maternal grandmother.  She made a number of Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts - I happen to have a completed one - but this one was never finished.  For some reason, she free-pieced the seams on these; no marked seam lines, no English Paper Piecing.  That made the blocks a little wonky to start, so I did some judicious ripping and re-sewing to get the flowers to lay flat.  This was a take-along project that went with me to many of my boys' sporting events, and having something to do with my hands was always a blessing!

Eventually the flower sections were done and I had to start connecting all the flowers together.  That makes the project much less portable, so it became my football (NFL/American football) watching project.  Somewhere along the line it got tidied up and put away and ignored for newer, sassier projects.  Until a recent Hexie Queen blog post inspired me to get going on this project again!

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about finishing this quilt!  I love the idea of finishing something my grandmother started AND I love the prints she was using.  It's just not at the easiest stage for stitching now.  However, football season starts tonight and runs through February, so if I persevere, maybe I'll have a finished top in time to celebrate the Superbowl!


  1. So special to have your grandmother's project to finish off! Do enjoy it.

  2. Those are beautiful hexie flowers Angie! You will be so happy to have that quilt when it is done!!! And I'm betting you can finish it up during football season this year. It's going to be a loooonnnng season for us I'm afraid LOL!!! But you're getting Sean Peyton back - woohoo! Of course, we're originally from NC so we're Panther fans - sworn enemies of the Saints, so we're not too thrilled about that LOL!!!

  3. Your hexie flowers look like the perfect project to work on during football games, and finishing a quilt that was started by your grandmother will be so special!

  4. love these vintage hexies and doubly fun that they were your grandmothers grandmothers garden blocks :)