New Orleans House Project

Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Gosh, I've been waiting all month to use that song title for a blog post.  I hope Bob Dylan doesn't mind!

It has been a week of wrapping things up.  I finished another quilt from last year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I made the binding for the Orange Confection quilt and got it machine-stitched and ready for hand sewing.  I played with and then put away all the baby blue scraps, clearing the table for next month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color.

A few baby blue scraps were sliced into wonky log cabin blocks.  I need to pull out all the previous month's log cabins and put them on the design wall.  My vision for this quilt is to only use rainbow colors, so it's time to plan the layout and see how many more blocks are needed.

I have wanted to start working on an all blue and white quilt for some time.  This month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color inspired me to think about and play with several designs.  I first noticed this block combination on Barbara Brackman's Material Culture blog.  I thought it would make a great combo for a blue and white quilt.  My first effort was to create 8" blocks, but I thought they were a little too big for a scrappy quilt.

Next, I tried the block combo as a 6" finished size.  Much mo bettah!  (that's a New Orleans phrase, btw)  Now that I have the blocks sorted, I'll try to make a few of these every month.  This will be a long-term, ongoing project.  If I can figure out a way to make it a leader-ender project, so much the better!

That's my baby blue report for the week.  I'm going to join up with the other Rainbow Scrappers at Angela's soscrappy blog, so do take a peek to see what other baby blue inspiration happened this week!