New Orleans House Project

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sleep & Sewing Deprived

I'm back from my job responsibilities at the state Emergency Operations Center.  Much happier to be in my own house and with my family, although we're likely to be without electricity for several days.  

Throughout the day today the storm's effects have been minimal.  We've had light rain and wind interspersed with sunshine.  My DH and son finished all the hurricane prep to the house while I was away, so now it's just a matter of waiting for the storm to pass.  Wind and rain are definitely picking up now, but our house is sturdy and built to withstand tropic storm winds.

I didn't have time to put together any type of sewing hand work before leaving for work yesterday.  It was torture to sit all night with nothing to do but check the storm's progress and watch the hands of the clock move ever so slowly.  Getting a hand sewing kit together is my biggest priority for the next 24 hours.  Hmm, should I set up some Just Takes Two blocks or some hexies?  Decisions, decisions!

Don't know when or if we will lose power, but I'll be doing my best to keep sewing through it all.  See you soon!


  1. I hope you are able to kit a few things up to keep your hands busy. Thinking of you and hoping that the storm does not cause you any damage.

  2. Will be praying for you and everyone in the path of Isaac!!!

  3. Glad you are back. Will be praying for everyone affected. If you lose power, I hope you'll be able to use some people-powered machines.

  4. Hoping all the flooding will be gone by the time you get thru your next 12 hours at the EOC.