New Orleans House Project

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adios, Isaac!

This was the site near my house yesterday evening.  Lovely work crews from Georgia Power did their magic while I sat on the front porch and waited to hear the hum of my A/C units kicking in.  I can live without air conditioning, but not having even a fan to help cool you at night is miserable.  Cold showers before bed helped - a little.

We came through the storm OK, but had several days worth of work to clean up all the storm debris.  Our camp in Mississippi had several feet of flood water under the house and when the flood receded there was sticky, stinky mud everywhere.  Turns out I'm pretty handy with the pressure washer!

Despite my good intentions, I did no sewing - by hand or people-powered machine.  During the actual storm (which lasted f o r e v e r), it was too dismal to concentrate on sewing.  After the storm, it was just too hot and and everything in the house felt damp and sticky.  Now that life is getting back to normal, I can't wait to get my hands into some projects.  

Thanks to everyone who wrote and expressed concern about the storm and sent good thoughts and prayers.  I consider myself an old hand at hurricanes, but every storm is different and the outcome is always uncertain.  We have friends who lost everything in the floods caused by Isaac, so we know how quickly life can be turned upside down.  I'm hoping we've seen the end of hurricanes for this season!


  1. blogger ate my comment!
    I'm glad you are home safe and sound and that you were able to get some things cleaned up, but most of all that your power is back on. A simple fan can make so much difference!

  2. i thought of you often ( but was without internet for awhile) and am so relieved to hear that you have weathered the storm, albeit, with lots of work afterwards! When all is done, I'm sure you'll find your sewing machine is ready and waiting for you, and many restful days ahead. Take care!