New Orleans House Project

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday WIP: Memory Quilt # 4

Starting in April I took a break from working on memory quilts - quilts for family members made from my late father's shirts.  Now that summer is nearly over, I thought I should return to the never-decreasing pile of shirts and try to get this project finished.

I've made 3 quilts so far, and have the fabric cut for number 4, but the pile of de-boned shirts doesn't seem to shrink!

I spent most of my Sunday afternoon slicing up strips for scrappy half-square triangles (using the Easy Angle ruler method).  Although the stash of shirts doesn't seem to dwindle overall, the amount of fabric available for "lights" is starting to run low.  I may have to supplement with shirts from the thrift store!

Quilt #4 will be very much like quilt #3:  center medallion of half-square triangles, with plain and zig-zag borders.  

I'm still trying to decide how to proceed with quilts 5 & 6.  They will be for my nieces, so I'm trying to come up with ideas that are a little more feminine.  I may have to incorporate more non-shirt fabric.  Feel free to offer ideas!


  1. I love how that looks. Very striking. You may be surprised and they might enjoy a quilt like this with just the shirts from their grandfather. It may not be girly but I'm sure they will love it because of the memories. I bet they would look great in that block Bonnie Hunter found a week ago and already made up a 12 inch square pattern.... with a solid or single fabric and then use the shirts for the other color. Just my thoughts.....

  2. Make the same quilt except in the very center piece a basket block. Instant girl stuff.:)