New Orleans House Project

Monday, February 28, 2022

February Mini: Scrappy Snowballs

 I have had Snowball quilt blocks on the brain since the beginning of 2022.

Snowballs may seem a bit out of place in New Orleans, especially since our winter weather rarely features snow.  

The last time it snowed in New Orleans was December, 2008.  Hardly enough snow for snowballs!

 On the other hand, we love our warm-weather snowballs, and consider our version of the summer-time treat to be the best!

The first ice shaving machine was invented in New Orleans in 1936.  The SnoWizard machine started the  New Orleans snowball tradition, and the popularity of snowballs has never waned.

Our snowballs are made with finely shaved ice and heavenly syrup flavors.  At your neighborhood snowball stand you'll find a myriad of fruit flavors as well as local favorites like wedding cake and cream of nectar (nectar was a popular local soft drink flavor back in the day: a combo of almond and vanilla).   There are even "gourmet" snowball emporiums that dish out flavors like vanilla orchid cream, rosehips raspberry, and ginger cayenne.

But I digress.  


 My February mini was inspired by a similar quilt I saw online, and the happy chance of finding a stack of 2.5 inch blue squares in my reproduction fabric scrap bin.

The snowballs finished at 2 inches.  The checkered border didn't work out exactly, but that's OK with me.  Most of the fabrics in the top were scraps - just a small amount of yardage was cut to get enough snowball blocks...and the binding.

I found this cute teacup toile in my stash - just right for the backing.

I used a single fold binding again for this quilt.  I'm definitely glad I added this technique to my bag of quilting tricks.

And now I hope I've satisfied my craving for snowballs!


  1. What a lovely mini quilt--I do love blue and white--that cup fabric is sooo pretty!! Nice finish hugs, Julierose

  2. I never knew snow balls (shaved ice) was invented in New Orleans! I always learn something from your blog! Your little mini is darling. Now to go read on single fold binding... as that is probably a tool I should add to my tool kit knowledge too!

  3. Beautiful, I've always loved snowball quilts, need to make one someday. Your blue version is so striking, and that French teacup theme backing toile is perfect!

  4. Spectacular! Nobody does blue like you! I love the teacup toile backing too.

  5. What a fabulous February mini!! Who doesn't love blue and white? And, those snowballs are sensational. Thanks for the "shaved ice" history lesson. Fascinating! I remember as a child one of the things I wanted for Christmas was a "Snow cone" machine. I can still picture it in my mind, you put the ice in and it came out his mouth - too funny. Of course my mother said it was very impractical since we lived in Maine and all we had to do was bring in some snow! I actually think ginger cayenne sounds like a wonderful flavor. But then I love spicy hot. My husband says I could eat a blowtorch. Thanks for another super mini!!

  6. What a delicious post. Your blue and white snowball is fabulous and doesn't love b/w. You made them so tiny! The checkerboard border completes the whole design. Perfect.

  7. Oh Angie! This mini is just adorable. I'm trying to imagine 2" snowball tiny. Your backing fabric is perfect. Now I want a snowball...not sure which flavor but they all sound delish.

  8. A very sweet blue and white snowball quilt! Love those fabrics!

  9. First of all, I am hungry for shaved ice now. My oldest son-in-law's family used to own a few shaved ice booths, and their flavors incorporated cream. Oh, they were good!
    But the quilt is adorable!! Blue/white 2 color quilts are my favorite--which begs the question, Why haven't I made one?!?
    And the teacup backing fabric is adorable.
    IMHO, single-fold binding is the only way to go on minis, whether they be table toppers, wall hangings, or whatever.

  10. What fine mini finish, Angie! Who doesn't love a classic blue and white quilt with a touch of yellow? Even better when it's a sweet mini!

  11. Your snowball mini is so pretty and the backing is perfect for it. What a fun local tradition, the shaved ice.

  12. Oh our snowball quilt is fabulous! love the classic blue and white.
    well done and the backing fabric is so sweet!!!