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Saturday, February 12, 2022

February: Flannel and Tulips

 I didn't know February would be for Flannel, but I've just finished assembling a flannel quilt top and I didn't go crazy working with that notoriously difficult fabric!

I bought a flannel fat quarter bundle last fall and used some of the pieces to make pillows for my oldest son:

I had a vague idea I would use the remains of the FQ bundle to make a quilt for him, even though I really dislike working with flannel fabric.
When I saw the Harmony flannel quilt pattern from Carried Away Quilting, I thought it would be a good way to use up my flannel remainders.  I purchased the pattern and some additional flannel yardage and started cutting and sewing.

I didn't want to have a lot of leftovers - because I don't like sewing with flannel - so I simplified the block requirements and went with just solid navy blue flannel.  

The sashing around the blocks is a heather gray flannel and the cornerstones are also navy.


Finally, I added a black four inch border and pronounced it done.  Yes, the backing will also be flannel, but that's a story for another time.

BTW, if you're considering a flannel quilt, here are some things that might make life easier for you:  pre-wash your fabric, use a walking foot on your sewing machine, decrease the pressure from your presser foot, and increase your stitch length.  I practiced all these techniques, but I'll still never voluntarily make another flannel quilt!

I needed some distractions while I was working with the flannel, so I contemplated lotto blocks for my small, local quilt guild.

I volunteered to coordinate lotto blocks for February.  There are only 18 quilters in the group, so it's not a huge project to prep for.  On the other hand, I'm a new member and don't really know much about the group's past projects.

This is the lotto block for January!  
The coordinator provided ALL the fabric AND did all the cutting (Accuquilt to the rescue).  This is not typical of the group's lotto projects, but it still gave me a lot to think about.
I wanted something simple to construct, but seasonal and different.  
I think my choice is going to be tulip blocks.
I studied a bunch of different blocks online, then started playing.
I took the two designs I liked best and tweaked the block size and piecing techniques.  
Do you have a favorite?

I think a tulip wall hanging or table topper is in my future.  These are too cute to just make one block.  In my research I learned there are purple tulips...and I love the color purple, so I think the color scheme is decided!




  1. What a lovely flannel quilt!! Congratulations on a super job!! Especially since you don't love working with flannel!!')))
    I like the all purple tulip--but they are both pretty...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. The flannel quilt turned out beautifully! One would never guess the trials of sewing it! I love those tulip blocks (the January clover, not so much…). Either of the tulips would be fine, but I think the top one is more tulip-like (tulip-ish?). you’ve sure had some varied projects lately!

  3. Your flannel quilt looks absolutely beautiful! And cuddly! (I'm not a working-with-flannel fan either. I'll stick to making flannel pj's if I'm going to be stuck working with the ravelly stuff...)
    Love the tulips - especially the first one!

  4. Your plaid flannel quilt and those pillows are so perfect for a young man, and would also be right at home in a country log cabin! I'm with you in not wanting to work with flannel again after making a couple throw size quilts with it. I'm especially fond of the first tulip block you showed although both are good candidates for your guild project. It might be timeto dig out the bin of batiks and play along!

  5. The flannel quilt turned out fantastic. It has a great guy look with the blue plaids and gray. I think you've conquered the flannel beast. I'd vote for tulip #1. I like the shape and one less color to choose.

  6. I love your flannel finish! I have not worked with flannel enough to have an opinion about how hard it may be to work with, but I think it makes an awfully cozy quilt. This is wonderful!
    Oh, I used to grow purple tulips, and I still have two purple rosebushes. These are very clever. I think the top one looks more traditionally "tulip", but the second one looks good, too.

  7. great flannel quilt color and pattern and really good tips~
    Your animal pillow pieces are delightful

  8. That pattern looks SEW good in your cozy flannels, Angie!!!
    (The Joyful Quilt @ work.)