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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Starting with Scraps

 My sewing priorities for the beginning of the year included finishing up two Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects from 2021.

I finished making all the blocks for the Flashes of Brillance/Sugar Loaf quilt.  Here they are assembled, and waiting to be trimmed according to the pattern.  I really had to steel myself to cut those blocks in half!

Aye-yi-yi - and what am I going to do with these sliced up half blocks?!


Anyway, here is the finished quilt top.  
As I was making the original Sugar Loaf blocks, I thought it would be fun to make another version of the quilt in reproduction fabrics.  I still like that idea, but after working with all the bias edges on the blocks and sashing, I'm not in a hurry to do it any time soon! 

Once Flashes of Brillance was down from my design wall, I immediately started laying out another scrappy quilt top.

I've been making Bonnie Hunter's Easy Breezy blocks as a leader-ender project since July, 2020.  I decided it was finally time to assemble a quilt top.  The framed squares were added to boost the quilt size, as the blocks only measure six inches. 

I have some dedicated sewing ahead of me to get them all stitched together!

I haven't decided on a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project for 2022.  Last week I made a Blackford's Beauty block in modern fabrics, then followed up by making another block in reproduction style fabrics.  
I love how the repro fabrics look in this block, but since the blocks finish at twelve inches, I'd feel compelled to make more than one block each month.  That would entail a good bit of cutting/prep work (i.e. making scraps), so I'm not sure I want to commit to the project.

In the meantime, Gayle (mangofeet) showed one of her new RSC blocks - framed stars - which I've always wanted to try.  I haven't tried my own version yet, but that's on tap for this week.


  1. Your Sugarloaf quilt top is fabulous. I love the way your color placement invites the eye to move around the entire quilt. Those half-blocks could make one great border on another scrappy quilt?

  2. Wow! Sugarloaf us beautiful. I agree it would take nerves of steel to cut those blocks. You have a real good eye for putting together your rainbow concepts.

  3. Your sliced up half blocks look like upside down envelope flaps in your photo. Perhaps there is the germ of an idea in that thought. And you did better than I did with Easy Breezy. I made 5 or 6 and then gave them up. Must go see Gayle's framed stars now . . .

  4. Wow! Flashes of Brilliance (apt name) aka Sugarloaf is so beautiful! Perhaps you could appliqué those leftover half blocks onto the back or use them for labels? Or scrappy pouches? Or an artsy-farts table runner? They’re too beautiful to languish! I love the Blackford’s Beauty block, but I’m already doing one of Angela’s blocks (targeted courthouse steps), so I don’t want to do another (until next year, LOL). But yours is lovely!!

  5. Your Sugar Loaf quilt is gorgeous! I would have had a difficult time slicing thos blocks in half too, but I bet you will come up with a good way to use the leftover pieces. Love the red Blackford's Beauty block!

  6. LOVE those Framed Squares added to the Easy Breezy blocks, Angie!! I think it's a great pairing. Congrats on gathering your courage to cut your Flash of Brilliance blocks in half for the edging!

  7. Your Flashes of Brilliance quilt is brilliant! And flashy! And I absolutely love it to bits!
    If you put your slashed blocks on the back, directly behind their other half on the front, future generations will wonder if you wrapped the blocks around edges...

  8. I love your red block! It is lovely. Those Sugar Loaf blocks overwhelm me! What a lot of pieces! I enjoy your blog so much…….your enthusiasm for quilting is a joy to follow! Carol in Texas

  9. Wow! That Flashes of Brilliance is gorgeous! I would have had a hard time cutting the blocks in half too. The other scrappy quilt is lovely too! Don't you just love how all the different colors work together?

  10. Oh what a brilliant quilt indeed - that is a perfect name for this one. You are so very brave to chop those blocks in half. I'm quite sure you will do something fabulous with the other halves, but it still must have hurt! Love the second quilt as well. This is going to be a fun one! And, I did pop on over to look at Gayle's Framed Stars and I do think that would be an excellent choice for your next "rainbow". So many choices, so little time! Enjoy the day.

  11. wee - what a wonderful finished top. I love the white as it makes the stars sparkle.
    cute scrappy 4-patch variation blocks.
    Your red and white block is scrapalicious - love the flag and the little bee. I have that bee fabric

  12. You were so brave to cut those blocks! It's a fabulous quilt!
    So many fun blocks and projects that it's hard to chose!