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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Of French Generals and Patchwork Divas

I have been a fan of sunflower-themed quilts since my earliest days as a quilter.

Although I've made several sunflower projects, my Bucket List plan was to make a traditional sunflower (or Russian Sunflower) quilt.

After seeing Cathy's Sunflowers quilt and later, Pat's Diamond Jubilee Sunflowers, I knew it was my turn to give this pattern a whirl.

I had planned to start making Sunflower blocks in January of 2021, but I got side-tracked by a batch of t-shirt quilts.  Determined to get started in early 2022, I made time earlier this week to begin the process.

 The pattern can be found in the 19th Century Patchwork Divas' Treasury of Quilts.

The pattern calls for 18 blocks set on point, which results in a 74" x 98" quilt.  I don't need a quilt that large, so I'm only going to make 13 blocks.
The Patchwork Divas recommend using Marti Michell's Sunburst acrylic template set for accurate piecing.

 I actually ordered the templates and made a practice block in December of 2020.  Then the templates and practice block sat in the sewing room giving me pleading looks for a year!

I have been hoarding collecting French General fabrics for several years, so it seemed like a good idea to do a fabric pull from the stash.

 This initial pull really makes me smile - it will be so much fun to cut into all these fabrics!

Last, but not least, I finished the first block! All the diamond and triangle shapes are machine-pieced, but the center circle is appliquéd using the back-basting technique.

The circle will eventually be appliquéd to a background square.  This particular background looks great in person, but not so wonderful through the camera lens.   I'll probably make all the circles first, then decide on different backgrounds for each.




  1. Your Sunflower quilt is going to be beautiful in those French General fabrics! This quilt is on my bucket list.

  2. Oh that block is just the French general fabrics you used.
    i love how sunflower blocks look--(I have that book and always stop to look longingly on that page!!) nice work hugs, Julierose

  3. I'm so glad to see you are beginning your sunflower quilt! Your first block looks amazing and I love French General fabrics. Your quilt will be fabulous with that collection of fabrics!

  4. Oh my, that is going to be another one of your stunning quilts! I love watching you piece all those intricate curves and diamonds. Beautiful fabrics.

  5. That is going to be so beautiful. Love the fabric selection and the pattern.

  6. Those are beautiful blocks! Looks like your piecing is very exact. The French General fabric will make a pretty quilt!

  7. Your fabric selection is so pretty and that block is gorgeous! I really look forward to watching this one come together.

  8. Those blocks are going to be beautiful with the FG fabrics. Machine piecing all but the center is a real time saver.

  9. This is one of my favorite quilt designs and your quilt is going to be spectacular! I look forward to following your progress; thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to finally be starting this long-term project!

  10. Gorgeous quilts in those links and I'm sure yours will be, too!!

  11. Great start to your quilt. Glad you are able to work on your bucket list