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Saturday, January 29, 2022

January Ends & Odds

 I don't want to jinx myself for the rest of the year, but if I can keep up the sewing pace I set in January, I'll get all my goals accomplished!   Hahaha - who am I fooling?!

I experimented with a couple of potential new Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks, but in the end decided this was not the time to start a new RSC project.  That may change as the year goes on, but for now I'm going to attempt to finish some RSC UFOs before I tackle something new.

The Antique Tiles block is a carry-over from 2021.  These three blocks feature January's RSC color:  red.  I don't have an entire rainbow's worth of these blocks yet, so I'll keep adding to the collection as the year goes on.

While we're talking Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

I just finished stitching this RSC project which features Bonnie Hunter's Easy Breezy block.  I put an audiobook on my phone and plowed through the stitching in about three days.  That's 143 blocks; finished size 66" x 78".  I'll definitely be sending this to the "spa" (Pat Sloan's term for sending a quilt to the longarm quilter), and ultimately gifting it.

And since we all need to have the hope of Spring, I offer a Mary Engelbreit garden-themed panel quilt kit.  Forgive the crazy indoor picture - this is another Dear Hubby-made quilt hanger in our hallway.  It's a great location for displaying quilts, but not great for taking pictures.  I finished hand-stitching the binding on this, but was afraid to wash the quilt.  So - the edges are a little wavy.  I'll have to figure out what I want to do about that.

Leave it to Mary Engelbreit to layer color and shape and texture!  I follow her on Instagram and I'm always amazed by the creative work she shares.

 Happiness Must Be Grown In One's Own Garden.  

I love the quilting on this!  At first, I didn't think all-over quilting would work, but I decided to jump in and see how I liked it.  Quilting by Diane Knott of Butterfly Threads Quilting.  
I'm looking forward to February's quilting endeavors!


  1. Well, second try here. I love your ME quilt and Diane’s quilting! I didn’t know ME was still around. Anyway, your Easy Breezy flimsy is really cute! It’s been my favorite of all her recent years’ challenges.

  2. Easy Breezy is such a lovely finish!! And that ME panel is really beautiful--nice work...hugs from under 20" of snow!! Julierose ;000

  3. The Mary E quilt is so sweet, perfect for all of us who are wishing for spring through the snowstorms. Easy Breezy blocks made a lovely quilt top too. I don't have the patience to stitch a coordinated set of L&E's but it certainly does pay off for those who have perseverance!

  4. Easy Breezy is such a pretty quilt and it finished at a nice size. I used to love all things ME. I'll have to find her on IG. Like Cathy (above comment), I didn't know she was still around either.

  5. Love your ME quilt along with Diana's quilting. I recognize all those fabrics. Your rainbow Easy Breezy quilt is beautiful. Finishing it up was worth the 3 days of hard sewing. How many rainbow quilts have you made?