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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Is 2020 Really Almost Over?

Here it is, the last day of 2020 - and I think most of us are wondering (anxiously?) what 2021 will hold in store.  I feel optimistic in general, but only time will tell if 2021 turns out to be better than 2020.

On a personal note, Dear Hubby and I have been left unscathed by our brush with the Covid-19 virus.  DH never had more than very minor symptoms, and his second Covid test (at the appropriate interval) was negative.  I never had any symptoms, and since he tested negative both times, it's safe to assume I was never infected.  DH's colleague - who was infected - has recovered enough to return to work, although he's still reporting fatigue.  The best news:  the hospital where my husband works got their shipment of vaccine, and DH has already received his first dose!

After sewing up a batch of 25-patch blocks at the beginning of our quarantine, I didn't have much sewing energy.  I came up with a mindless sewing project that took a few days: 

Yes - seven more Lego quilt blocks - another row!
These went quickly and I added them to the Lego quilt flimsy.  Now the quilt measures 70 inches by 80 inches, and I'm happy with the size.  Time for quilting. 

We had a very quiet Christmas.  Dear Hubby gave me a copy of Barbara Brackman's new edition of The Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.  I look forward to many hours of study.

Sometime after Christmas, I started having dangerous thoughts about a post-holiday T-shirt Quiltathon.

I had the makings of at least three large t-shirt quilts stored away in various bins and baskets.  

Some of the shirts have been waiting a long time for their day in a quilt.  I decided now was the time to get these UFOs crossed off the list.  This batch of dark/bright shirts were already cut and ready for fusible stabilizer to be ironed on.  I need some sashing fabric and I can start assembling.

The next batch of shirts still need trimming and stabilizing.
Some aren't in great shape, but they have happy memories, so they're going in a quilt anyway!

The third batch of shirts are from my youngest son.  I haven't even looked at them yet. 😱

I'll be happy when the quilt are finished - and when they're done, I don't plan on making any more t-shirt quilts! 

I decided it would be a good idea to organize my quilting thoughts for the coming year.  Life has a funny way of interfering with our plans, but I'm hoping I'll at least make a dent in the list!

Wishing everyone a healthy and uneventful 2021!


  1. I think a lot of us have been looking through our WIPs and other gestating projects along with all those tops to be quilted. I like your chart! And good luck with the t-shirt quiltathon!

  2. I just really love your lego quilt--this quilt has been on my list for a long time..are you making the "legos" 1.5" or wider??
    And did you sew them all in one big row and then cut them at intervals--there are so many ways to make this one...
    I hope your New Year will be a healthy and a very Happy one..
    hugs, julierose

  3. So glad you and your husband are doing well! Thanks for the update. Happy New Year with lots of happy quilting!

  4. Glad you and hubby are well! I trashed all 2021 calendars ---- Working on my list for 2021!
    Let's pray that it is a better year for all! Especially our Nation!

  5. Glad you're starting the new year healthy and with lots of plans. I never got into saving t shirts, but they do make a nice memory quilt. I noticed your squirrel box on your pkanner!

  6. Happy New Year! I'm so glad you are all well and the vaccine is here.
    Wow what a great t shirt collection. How fun.
    yay 2021~

  7. p.s. cool quilt planner chart

  8. So glad you both are healthy! Love how you organized your list.... I have a few piles of shirts from the kids.... someday but not this year. Wishing you a healthy 2021.

  9. So nice to see the sunflower quilt on your list, looking forward to seeing your progress. And so good to hear you and your husband are doing well!

  10. I got the same book for Christmas. Happy New Year!

  11. Your list sections are great. And it just goes to show that you can’t plan or schedule those “squirrels”! Glad you and DH are healthy. My family (DS, DDIL and DHD) are recovered from Covid now, too. DDIL, who works in healthcare got her first vaccine today. And those T-shirt quilts.... good luck. I’ve never had any desire to ever make one. T-shirt quilts are right up there - wait, that’s DOWN there - with EPP on my list of Quilty things to avoid!

  12. That's QUITE the list, Angie!! I've got an equal number of T-Quilts that I should work on during 2021. My SIL's retirement quilt will be the first that I will work on. Congrats on Lego progress and best of luck on working your way through that list!

  13. Good luck tackling those t-shirts. It always feels great to save the memories and then get rid of all the rest. As tedious as all of that stabilizing is, it is worth it to have a great quilt in the end.