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Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Fine and Fancy Flock of Flamingos

 First Flimsy Finish of 2021!

I finally finished assembling all my hand-pieced flamingo hexagons.  I made over 100 pieced hexagons, and threw in a number of plain hexies to even things out.

The flamingo hexie quilt began in April, 2017 - inspired by Barb Vedder's Hex Vex quilt and pattern kit.  I prioritized finishing the project in 2020 and focused lots of hand-stitching time on the individual hexies and then stitching them all together as a flimsy.

This week involved a lengthy session of removing the paper pieces behind all the hexie parts, and starching/pressing the top in preparation for quilting.

I also prepped the quilt backing, which includes another chunk of flamingo fabric that didn't get used in the hexies.

In other news -
You may remember I was contemplating a t-shirt quilt marathon to use up a large collection of vintage t-shirts.
I found a chunk of Kaffe Fassett Paperweight (in gray) fabric in my stash that worked perfectly for sashing these shirts together.  I had to order additional fabric (Glorious Color; no affiliation, but they shipped the fabric the same day I ordered it!) for borders, so I'm waiting on that.

This will be shirt #1 for Dear Husband.  Some of these shirts are pretty stained, and there are some holes, but I couldn't convince DH to swap them out for shirts in better condition.  They all have happy memories for him, so I'm happy to help preserve the memories.  The fabrics being auditioned above probably won't get used in this quilt, as I found a big chunk of light blue and gray scrap that will be perfect for sashing, and some blue Grunge that will work for the borders.  Yay for shopping in the stash!

I'm contemplating how to approach this stash of Dear Son's shirts.  There are 22 shirts here, and not all of them have large designs, so I may do some cutting and piecing of the t-shirt designs to keep the quilt from being a monstrous size. 

Time to stop procrastinating and get back to the t-shirt quiltathon!


  1. Loving that flamingo piece --the pink and green is so pretty...lovely work on this. I've never attempted a tee-shirt quilt...good luck on "rescuing" your hubby's shirts ;))) hugs, Julierose Stay safe...

  2. The hexie top is great. Have fun with the t-shirts.

  3. Your flamingo hexies are gorgeous! If anything could convince me to make a hexie quilt that would be it. Nothing will ever persuade me to make a tee shirt quilt though, not even my adorable grandchildren lol!

  4. Your flamingo flimsy fans the flames of my ‘ffection for feathered friends! The fine fabrication and fantastic fabric fuse flawlessly into a ..... (OK, I give up here...) into a striking and colorful and so happy top. It’s probably in line after the t-shirt quilts, but I can’t wait to see the fun flamingo finish!!

  5. Congrats on getting your PINK Flamingo quilt top together (and making progress on those T-Quilts, too!!) Am I seeing three shirt quilts in process or will DH's quilt be reversible? Best of luck with DS's T-Quilt!

  6. Fabulous Flamingo Flimsy! Keep chipping away at those shirts. It will be worth it. As many quilts as we have around the house, the t-shirt quilts are the one everyone loves most.

  7. Fab Flamingos! Those blocks and colors are so fun. I've never made a T shirt quilt. I admire any one who does, while contemplating more!!

  8. Wee I love your flamingo hexie quilt.
    It is so fun and colorful. Love studying how you made the blocks.
    Great shirts for your quilt. I have a tub of shirts in the attic.

  9. Zowie! Those fabrics just sing! Good for you for making t-shit quilts. I swore after 3 that I would never do another. Fat chance with 3 grandsons! Looking forward to watching the quilt progress.