New Orleans House Project

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Rainbow Scrap Update

I rifled through my drawer of Kaffe Fassett and tropical bright fabrics last weekend.  I was looking for bright prints to add to my 25-Patch Star quilt.  

Those fabrics and a few others added to the star collection, so I'm getting pretty close to having enough blocks to start assembling a quilt top.

I just need to finish hand-piecing the flamingo hexies together so I can clear off the design wall. 

 I've been hand-stitching the hexies together and binge-watching Netflix shows, although at times there's been more watching than stitching!  

Since I had to create new scraps to make more 25-Patch Star blocks, I went ahead and cut more Easy Breezy leader-ender parts.  I've assembled a few blocks, but there's also a nice big stack of parts sitting next to the sewing machine.

On the Public Health front:  we've had an ironic turn of events at our house.

Last weekend, our youngest son came home to officiate at/attend the wedding of a very good friend.  We were all very nervous about the situation, but he tested negative for Covid-19, guidelines were followed, masks were worn, distances were kept, etc.  

The wedding itself was very small, outdoors, and again, precautions were observed.  

It was wonderful to see our son for the weekend, but we breathed a sigh of relief when he left for home (where his job will require him to quarantine and have negative testing before he can interact in-person with the work environment again).

Imagine our surprise on Tuesday, when my husband's employer informed him a co-worker had just tested positive for Covid-19.  Dear Husband and co-worker had just spent the previous day working in very close proximity.  Fortunately, everyone was protected by masks and face shields at the time, and the employee with Covid was only reporting mild symptoms.

So, we are quarantining through Christmas.  I've moved into the guest bedroom.  Dear Hubby has tested negative and has very mild symptoms.  He'll be retested early next week.  Knock on wood - I'm feeling fine.  What a year!  


  1. You said it--what a year alright!! Hope no serious issues evolve...
    Your star blocks are just so lovely; and the hexies are coming together beautifully; Easy Breezy is pretty have such nice projects coming together...hugs from our Winter Wonderland of snow up here Julierose

  2. Love those new star blocks! I hope neither of you tests positive, although many people have had very light cases, and I suppose there are many more who had no symptoms at all. My DH tested positive on the 6th but we didn't know until the test results came back on the 10th, his quarantine ended on the 16th per the revised CDC quidelines but my quarantine goes until the 31st - no symptoms at far. Strange year, but quarantining does have a jump-start effect on new 'squirrels' lol! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Please keep us posted on how you and your family are doing. This has been such a crazy, challenging year. All of your quilt work is just beautiful. I can't wait to see more!

  4. Take care and best wishes for negative tests all around -- scary times these are.

  5. I hope your hubby doesn't get it (you, either).

  6. Oh my, it’s weird how we’re both having close calls with Covid at the same time. I hope you and DH are both negative. I love those stars you’re making - perfect with the bright fabrics. Have a nice (and safe and healthy) Christmas!

  7. What bad luck on the Covid front. Just shows you can never guess where this beast of a virus can come from. Good luck to your husband and colleague and to you trying your best to keep self isolated. On the quilting front, lovely star blocks which showcase those beautiful Kaffe fabrics, ditto the Easy Peasy blocks. Pretty and subtle.

  8. Your projects are so beautiful especially the star patch blocks.
    I am so sorry that you hubby was exposed. I will be praying that you do not get it and hubby is going to be fine. Glad to hear you son is OK also.

    It seems like Clay and I have been home since Sep 2019 Cataract surgeries.... I believe that we all are having issues with focusing on anything at this time. But today I am going to do some applique and get my "replacement 12 PRO MAX" iPhone up and running - only had the new phone 2 days and it quit charging! But small potatoes compared to the CV problem for you and hubby! Fingers crossed and prayers going to you and your family! Hugs

  9. No sense planning ahead for anything. Sorry you both have to be in the wait and see mode for awhile. Hopefully, you both will be okay. Love those bright colors. Its probably a good thing that you've been working on this. It might help you keep positive thoughts

  10. Hoping everything works out happily! Scary times, indeed!
    Love those star blocks!

  11. Oh my goodness, that is ironic and I hope you escape it completely. It sounds like your husband's work is being very cautious so that's a good thing. Meanwhile you certainly have some pretty blocks in process.

  12. Covid is a very clever little bug. I have a friend who is currently recovering from a moderate case. Her daughter got it too.
    I hope you all continue to be negative. Thank goodness the vaccine is here, but we'll have to stay vigilant for some time.
    Love your scrappy blocks and the peek at the hex quilt!

  13. Oh no! I feel so bad for you. This virus plays no favorites that is for sure. I wish you the best! On a funny note, I read your sentence wrong and I thought you said you had moved into the guest "bathroom". Now that is carrying things too far - wink! I hope your gorgeous colorful blocks will keep you out of the doldrums! Merry Christmas.

  14. Love your Kaffe Fasset blocks! Praying all continues to go well for you all, including your husband's co-worker.