New Orleans House Project

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Waiting on Zeta

 Of course it was bound to happen.  Six times this hurricane season, storms have threatened the New Orleans area, only to change course and go elsewhere.  The seventh time is our lucky time! 😝
Hurricane Zeta, now a Category 2 storm, is approaching the coast of Louisiana and will be affecting the New Orleans area by dinner time.  The main threat expected here is 70 - 90 mph winds.  Good news:  the storm is moving quickly, so it should be gone before midnight.

We have made all our preparations and are now in waiting mode.  We've been through hurricanes many times before, so we know what to do and what to expect.  We'll probably lose power, so I may be offline for awhile.

In the meantime, I'm trying to stay focused on some stitching projects.  

I started a practice block from Poppy's Polka Dot Garden.  I'm still an appliqué novice, and I've never attempted a block this small (9 inches finished).  I wanted to see how difficult the appliqué stitching would be with pieces this size.

I decided to try using the back-basting appliqué technique for the practice block.  It turned out to be pretty easy, although I need to be careful not to distort the background fabric too much.  I did try a freezer paper and starch prep for one of the green flower buds, and that worked pretty well, too.  Since this was just for practice, I probably won't finish it, but will start again once I figure out what fabric(s) I want to use for the background.

The background fabric in the practice block goes perfectly with the quilt name!  It's a Thimbleberries fabric from many years ago called "A Gardener's Touch".  I have at least a yard of the fabric, so I may use it for a couple of blocks - if I can find another background fabric that compliments it.

In cleaning out and organizing drawers and bins last week, I came across these sunflower blocks and sunflower fabric.  

The appliqué blocks were practice blocks (I like to practice!) from when I made my New Orleans Sunflowers quilt.

The sunflower fabric was purchased years ago just because I love sunflowers.

This morning it occurred to me I could combine the two of them into a project.  Maybe a table runner? 

As luck would have it (better than lucky hurricane number seven), I had enough of the appliqué sunflower fabrics left to make a third block.  I prepped another sunflower and it's just waiting for some hand stitching.

So that's what I'll be doing while waiting for Zeta!


  1. Love the sunflowers and great job on the applique block. I hope the storm is quick to pass and no damage or loss of power. It seems like all the storms have landed over on your coast this season. Lets hope this is the last of them and the next month is quiet.

  2. Thinking of you, and hoping all is well in this moment! Your practice blocks are so pretty - both the pink flowers and the sunflowers. I'd like to learn some applique skills myself - practice blocks would be a good idea!

  3. Good luck with your storm! I hope if you lose power, it won't be for too long. Lovely appliqué. You inspired me in your last post to download the first two patterns. That's as far as I've gotten, ha ha.

  4. How did the hurricane names get to Zeta already. Lucky #7 hopefully, will just move on by quickly. The sunflowers are so pretty and happy. Keep working on your stitching for a pleasant distraction.

  5. Hope all is well there now. Love those sunflower blocks, the background fabric reminds me of some my daughter and I had many years ago when she was going to make a little quilt for a friend. Don't recall what happened to the fabric and the quilt was never made.

  6. These are some fun practice blocks. Love the sunflower finds. Sure hope you came through the storm OK.

  7. those sunflowers are lovely and the fabric would make a perfect pairing.
    Good luck with storm hope it passes quickly with no damage for you!
    sew on.

  8. Hoping you and yours weathered the storm well, Angie.

  9. The Gulf Coast has certainly has more than its fair share of storms this year. I hope your area survived without a lot of damage.

  10. I'm assuming you are still offline. Now there is another storm possibly headed your way. Hope you are safe. That garden fabric looks fun for a project.