New Orleans House Project

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Orleans Sunflowers: Quilted and Finished!

I shared some pictures of my New Orleans Sunflowers quilt last fall - before I sent it off to be quilted.  Local long-arm quilter Cindy Braiwick always does an amazing job of quilting, so I was looking forward to her artistry on this quilt.  She did a wonderful job fulfilling my requests and still managed to insert her usual playful touches as well!
It's way too windy to hang quilts for photography today, so I improvised by draping the quilt on my porch furniture.  The porch worked pretty well, except for the pesky lovebugs that kept getting in the way.
I wanted to have flowers quilted in the baskets, to mimic the original quilting idea suggested by Anita Shackelford in her pattern.  Cindy quilted sunflowers in the triangles and cross-hatching in the basket base.
The sunflowers were quilted to mimic the sunflower petals and the flower centers were cross-hatched to mimic sunflower seeds.
Sunflowers and leaves in the borders.
Cindy scattered lots of whimsical touches throughout the quilt.  Here are two bees buzzin'.
A caterpillar
A hummingbird.  It's almost like playing a hidden objects game!

I need to stitch down the hanging sleeve and the quilt will be ready for display.  My hubby built me a new quilt hanging rack especially for this quilt.  Hope to have pictures soon!


  1. OMGoodness! I just love your quilt and your LA quilter is a genius! So much fun looking and finding all the cute characters she has hidden in there. Love the idea of how she did the sunflower and baskets.

  2. Amazing quilting on this one. Love all the special touches. It will be fun to hang this one and notice the details as you go past.