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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scrappy Saturday: Wedding Cupcakes

Welcome to another version of scrappy Saturday - where we get to show off our latest efforts for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  Last week's blocks reminded me of Blondies, the brownie-like dessert.  Keeping with that theme, I decided this week's blocks were reminiscent of cupcakes.

It just so happens my friend KC makes amazing wedding cake cupcakes for her bakery, so here are some of hers to drool over!

Greek square blocks with scrappy light neutrals and white.

...and there's more scrappy goodness at Soscrappy's Saturday link-up!


  1. Now I want cupcakes! The blocks look great. I wonder how these neutral ones will play with the colors......

  2. The blocks AND the cupcakes both look great. They are making me hungry though. YUM.

  3. These are beautiful delicate blocks and as for the delicious looking cupcakes, well I'll just have to go get something sweet now ;)) Ellyx

  4. Your beautiful blocks look soooo sweet! As yummy as the picture of the cupcakes. Wonderful job with the neutral month challenge :D

  5. Blondies, another nice way to think of neutral, pretty blocks.

  6. Great looking cupcakes. I love your Blocks they do look so delicate as Elly already said.