New Orleans House Project

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Caption from my favorite coffee mug!
I confess I don't have a lot of enthusiasm for housework.  There's nothing nicer than a freshly cleaned house, but the clean and tidy never seems to last long enough to justify the effort!  As much as a full-on Spring Cleaning might be needed - it's not gonna happen here.

On the other hand, I have been wanting to make some changes in my sewing room in an effort to free up sewing space and cut some clutter.  My favorite treadle sewing machine, which is supposed to be in use on a regular basis, had become a repository for books, fabric, quilt tops, etc.  I decided it was time to move the treadle into the guest bedroom where it could fulfill its function as a secondary sewing station.

An oak chest of drawers was moved into the treadle's spot in the sewing room.  There's room on top of the chest for the thread cabinets my hubby made for me years ago.  I know this site is going to accumulate clutter again as time goes by, but for now I'll try to keep it picture perfect!

I made a batch of these pin cushion/button jars as Christmas gifts a few years ago.  The Shaker box was a Christmas gift to me; I use it to store vintage sewing machine attachments.

Mr. Ted is keeping watch over a Sweetgrass basket from Charleston.  He's the first fully-jointed bear I ever made.  I really enjoy making bears; maybe having him keep me company in the sewing room will motivate me to stitch up some bear-friends for him!

Now that the main sewing room is in a little better order, I've got to send some time in the guest room getting my beloved Singer 201K ready to sew!


  1. Your treadle looks great! I am trying to get mine to look this nice.

  2. What a cozy and inviting sewing room! I love the way you displayed the thread cabinets on the chest of drawers. How lucky you are to have a talented hubby to make them for you! Mr. Ted made me smile. Hope you make more friends for him and post them on your blog. And what can I say about that beautiful Singer 201K?! Nothing adds charm to a room like an old sewing machine!

  3. Hi Angie,
    I sew every day on my grandmother's 1938-201 Singer! I love it! Yours look like it is in excellent condition. I will post a picture of mine on the right side of my blog! I have other pictures in my posts. Nice to see someone else has one and loves it! ♥♥♥