New Orleans House Project

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Finished Lone Star Pillow & LePavot Table Topper

 Slowly but surely, projects do get finished up around here!

I made this Lone Star block earlier in the summer as an experiment for potential quilted Christmas gifts.  I decided against using Lone Star blocks as a jumping off point for gifts, but I did turn the block into a pillow.  I think McKenzie approves, but she'll never get to lay her head on it, so who knows?!

The pillow worked out great on the sofa at our camp!  To my eye, the pillow would look better with a larger border around the LS block, but I was using a pillow form I had on hand (16"), so I had to trim the border to fit the pillow.   Note to self: for pillows, choose a quilt block size several inches smaller than the desired pillow form, to allow for a larger border around the block.

This table runner was inspired by a blog post and a mini charm pack of LePavot fabrics.  I later learned this block setting is also called Patience Corners.

I used fabric from my stash for the blocks and backing.  Some straight-line quilting added the right amount of crinkly texture.  Binding also from the stash.

Dear Hubby made the oak ice box many years ago.  It's a great place for seasonal decorations!

Speaking of seasonal - I did not expect to be making hurricane preparations again in October!  Current predictions call for New Orleans to be on the outer edge of the storm, but we are told not to be complacent, as the forecast could change once the storm gets into the Gulf of Mexico.  The area where the storm is forecast to go ashore is still recovering from Hurricane Laura, so this is a double whammy.  December 1st (the end of hurricane season) can't get here soon enough!


  1. Oh do stay safe with that hurricane in the offing!!
    I like your Patience Corner piece--so pretty; and I've never tried a Lone Star--looks difficult with all that matching up...your pillow looks great...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Thinking of you as you prepare for another onslaught from the newest storm. I like that setting for your table runner and will be looking that up. I'm positive there are plenty of scraps to make several! I love the peaceful ambiance the blue star pillow adds to the room where you have it photographed.

  3. Congrats on those lovely finishes, Angie! Best of luck with hurricane prep. Here's hoping it's a non-issue for you guys!

  4. Grab that pretty pillow and hunker down! Hoping that storm just peters out at sea!

  5. You continue to get projects completed and they've been so nice for you to have them for decorating. Stay save once again. The gulf area has definitely been targeted this year.

  6. Oh my goodness, I had so much fun catching up on all of your news and show and tells! You've been a busy lady and it all looks so good. I love your little 'note to self', let me know if that works as I need to try it! LOL
    Your quilts are beautiful and I'll be thinking of you and praying the storm gives you break. Be safe!

  7. I hope you are safe and sound with power this morning. Love that Lone Star pillow.... that gives me an idea of what to do with a diamond template I purchased years ago - to mark 1/4 inch lines on something while traveling! Love that ice box - hubby is talented.

  8. It has been quite a year for storms. I hope this one steer clear, your area has certainly had more than its fair share this season. Hopefully the list will end soon. Delta, who would have predicted that?

  9. I've been hoping that you won't be affected much by the storm. Crazy year for everything.