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Sunday, October 21, 2018

October Potpourri (No Pumpkin Spice!)

When your current goal is to finish a bunch of outstanding projects, it's hard to come up with compelling blog topics.  Right now I'm in the process of hand-stitching the binding on a queen-size quilt.  I'm not one of those people who can stitch down a binding in one long session (carpal tunnel issues), so I try to do a little bit of stitching every day.  I'll get this one finished eventually, but there are three more waiting in the binding queue!

This is the quilt being bound:  Austen Family Album - a BOW by Barbara Brackman.  I divided up my completed blocks and made two quilts with them.  The colors are a little washed out here, but I love the soft look of the pink, yellow, and turquoise fabrics.

The first Austen Family Album quilt contained orange, green and brown fabrics.  I gifted the finished quilt to my sister.

We're finally getting some cooler fall weather here in South Louisiana.  I was inspired to do a little decorating.  I purchased the turkey platter on the left at an antique mall almost exactly 4 years ago.  After that first purchase, my Dear Hubby and I seemed to stumble across vintage turkey platters every time we went antiquing.  Pretty soon we had a collection.  My favorites are the ones with advertising for local furniture stores.  They must have been premiums for folks who purchased furniture around the holidays.

We couldn't stop with just turkey platters, we had to start adding turkey figures, too.  

My Halloween decorating is minimal compared to what I did when my kids were small.  There's a closet full of Halloween decorations, waiting for grandkids or a garage sale, whichever comes first!  I made this little quilt from brown and orange scraps and a great jack-o-lantern fabric.  It's perfect for displaying some Halloween push puppets and wind-up toys.

And now it's time to go stitch some more binding!  I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I love those soft colors, too...binding takes me a while also...
    your turkey platters and figurines are lovely--nice collection..
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Good luck with the binding - I do my hand work the same way you do. Which is also why so many of my quilts have machined bindings. Lovely turkey platters -- and figures. And thanks for NO pumpkin spice.

  3. You have given me an idea. There is a UFO in the stack that I'm just not in love with and it is a rather large quilt. Keeping the favorite blocks and splitting it into two quilts just may work.

    I love both of your quilts, your sister looks very happy with hers.

    I have three quilts waiting to be bound, too.

    Your fall decorations are very nice as well. I don't decorate for Halloween like I did when the kids were home either.

  4. So many of us have carpal tunnel issues at our (*cough*) certain age. I think I have carpal shoulder, too, LOL (that’s not really a thing...) Your Austen Family Album quilts are both very lovely! But mostly I love your turkey platters! I’m a sucker for vintage cookie jars and Pyrex, so bring on the ceramics and glassware any time!

  5. I love your turkey collection! Those platters are wonderful!
    I've been doing a bit of this and a bit of that, too, (hello fear of recurring carpal tunnel) and it really does make it hard to do a blog post. Today's output looks exactly the same as yesterday's...

  6. What a lovely quilt for your sister. The colors are sweet. Love the collection of Turkey plates and ceramic turkeys. Perfect for this time of year. It makes me want to go snooping at the antique mall. I did get one pumpkin out of the holiday bin. It's as far as I went.

  7. What a lucky sister! Both of those Austen Family Album quilts are wonderful. I love your turkey collection. We had Thanksgiving at my sister's in the mountains of Western Maine for over 40 years. I always bring her something Fall related. Maybe it is time to collect a few platters!

  8. Oh, I do love your turkey platters! So funny how a chance purchase can turn into a fun collection. The very best kind I say.:) And I know what you mean about the outstanding projects. We're rooting for you! It feels so good to get those finished up and behind us and your latest is very sweet.

  9. Love the quilts and also the decorations! Being a Halloween baby born 2 minutes to midnight - Everyone celebrates my birthday - so much fun! LOL

  10. What wonderful turkey platters. Great decorations for fall.
    Great to see your two quilts and the difference the color pallet makes.
    happy fall

  11. The quilts are beautiful and LOVE those turkey platters..don't think I've ever seen any with advertising. Will have to be on the lookout. I love turkey figures, too, but have WAY more pumpkins.

  12. Okay, those are some of the best turkey platters I've ever seen! And the turkeys to go with them are pretty cute too. I must be shopping at the wrong antique malls. LOL