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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Still on the Finish It Train!

I have not been blogging much recently, because most of my quilting activity has involved hand-stitching bindings.  I've finished the binding on one quilt and started another, but there are still FOUR more in the pile of un-bound quilts!  

And why have I been focused on all this binding?  Because I'm still on a kick to finish up some UFOs!

This quilt got finished up earlier this week.  It's had a final trip through the washer and dryer and I'm more than happy with how it softened up and got crinkly.

The weather is not conducive to outdoor pictures today, but I wanted to document the quilt before mailing it off to a family member.  This quilt started out as an effort to use up a big stock of red, white and blue scraps from a previous quilt.  First I made the 16-patch blocks, then added the pinwheels (inspired by a Bonnie Hunter quilt).  Next, a red border followed by an HST zig-zag border (maybe my favorite type of border?!) and another dark blue border to frame everything.

My local long-arm quilter, Cindy Braiwick, had fun adding some patriotic quilting elements.

She added lots of stars, some words, and other patriotic symbols.  The quilt is a gift for my uncle, who is retired from the US Air Force.

The quilting showed up better on the back of the quilt, although I had to tweak the color to improve the visual.

And yup - I remembered to add a label!

Another quilt on the Finish It! list is Modern Crosses.  I should probably call this Not Modern Crosses, as I used reproduction fabrics instead of modern fabrics.  These are blue blocks for September's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color.

I needed five more blocks to complete the setting, so I chose some multi-color florals.

I wasn't in love with just arranging the blocks in a straight set, so I looked online to see if anyone else was making the pattern and how they were setting the blocks.

When I saw several versions of the quilt using this half-drop setting, I knew I had a winner.  Now to cut some half-size pieces for the side blocks and stitch everything together!

I also did a little experimental sewing.  I needed a clear vinyl bag of some sort to carry necessities to an upcoming American football game.  Any bags being carried into American sports stadiums need to conform to a specific size and be see-through.  I knew I could probably make something from materials I had on hand, so I went looking for inspiration online.  Diane Knott at Butterfly Threads had recently made a bag of her own, and I also found this tutorial which got me started.

I didn't want my bag to be team-specific, so I chose some stash fabric with fall colors.  I already had some vinyl on hand, and some lightweight fusible interfacing for the handles.  Not bad for an afternoon's sewing!  Now I'll have something to tote my wallet, sunglasses, reading glasses and lip balm - all things I hate to be without!


  1. Beautiful quilt and a very thoughtful gift.

  2. A light bulb went off when I saw the half drop layout with your crosses. I've made some blocks...lots of them...that aren't all consistent sizes and I think this layout will help me hide that fact. LOL! Thanks for sharing and I like the clear bag also. It's much nicer than some I've seen at sporting events.

  3. I love the Red, White and Blue quilt and your quilter certainly finished it up so pretty!!! I am on the same road for 2018 - finish those UFO's

  4. What a lucky uncle! It is fantastic. I love the cross blocks too and your setting is the perfect choice. The bag is perfect, but also a bit sad to think of what we have come to in this world. Makes me cry to think that we can't even go to a sporting event without severe scrutiny.

  5. Love your uncle’s quilt...the fabrics and quilting make it so stunning! The crosses are great and that bag is such a great idea. Enjoy the game!

  6. Your patriotic quilt for your uncle will be admired and loved for a long time. Both you and Diane have made great game day bags.

  7. Stay on the Finish Train... don't jump off... bindings are FUN!
    Great patriotic finish for your uncle!

  8. what a lovely gift. The quilting of patriots themes is wonderful.
    You are really staying on that train! good for you
    clever bag!

  9. The QOV quilt is fabulous. What a beautiful effort you and the quilter did!!!

  10. Fabulous finishes! Look at you, well on the way to another. LOVE that off-set layout you are opting for on your Plus Quilt!