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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday: Fall Has Fell

Autumn has finally arrived in South Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast!  We awoke this morning to temps in the mid-50s, a brisk breeze and clear blue skies.  Perfect weather for a road trip to the Pine Belt Quilters Show in Hattiesburg.

The show was fun, although I didn't take many pictures.  I did enjoy studying several of my favorite quilts up close and personal, and even had my own quilt glove so I could touch the quilts.  I was pleased to see a decent amount of hand applique and hand quilting.  There were also plenty of vendors, but I resisted the temptation to add to the stash.

After the show, Dear Husband and I stopped at a huge antique mall on the outskirts of Hattiesburg.  I thought we were going to leave empty-handed, but I spotted a treasure just before we were about to head for the door.
I love transferware of all types, but blue and white are what usually catch my eye.  I spied this turkey platter lying on a table full of dishes and even though not blue and white, I couldn't resist the quirky mix of traditional turkey and 1950's atomic age border design!
Best of all, the platter was apparently a premium from a local Hattiesburg furniture store.  

No quilting or sewing occurred on my end today, but I did dabble in some Rainbow Scrap Challenge block construction earlier this week.  Our challenge this month is to use brown and other dark scraps, so I dug into my pre-sliced scrappy strips for inspiration.
I started with the 2" squares and strips, assembling 16 patch blocks for Scrap Jar Stars.  These browns are all pretty dark, and many of them are reproduction fabrics.  I may save this block for another project, as I'm not sure it will work with my other Scrap Jar Stars.
These are somewhat lighter shades of brown and I think they will work in the Scrap Jar Stars.
I also found a lot of brownish-gold shades in the scrap bin, so I was able to make one more 16 patch.
I was also able to repeat the dark, medium and gold sequence for my 9 patches.  These will go in the pile for a future project. 
There are lots more dark-hued scraps waiting to be used up, so it will be fun to see what other inspiration strikes this week!  Angela's Soscrappy blog will surely have plenty of inspiration, so I'll be linking up there, as usual.



  1. Ah the 50's and all the free stuff you were able to get at theaters, shops and out of soap boxes! That platter looks to be in near mint condition. Good find and just in time for Thanksgiving (next month for you but next weekend for me). What a great range of brown you have! Should make some great projects.

  2. That platter is nifty! And given how much I've been enjoying the parade of brown fabrics, I think I'm finally ready for fall.

  3. what a wonderful transfer ware Turkey platter!! I love the rims.
    great blown patchwork blocks. too

  4. Nice brown blocks; I think those 16 patches are very versatile. I just checked the Scrap jar stars tutorial and I shall be making them too soon.

  5. Definitely a fun 50s platter! I was expecting to see an old TV with vacuum tubes in the background!

    Great start to your browns! Fall has fell here too.

  6. Love how you separated the shades of brown out. The light ones remind me of honey..... I must be hungry!

  7. You have some beautiful brown prints! 16 patch blocks are probably my favorite all time blocks.