New Orleans House Project

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Slow Sunday UN-Stitching

I had high hopes for making some good progress on assembling my vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt today.
I pinned all my various pieces on the design wall so I could have a visual guide for attaching all the flowers and green borders in the correct order.  

When I was ready to start sewing this morning, I started with the blue flower in the upper left corner.  I planned to add 3 green hexies so I could then attach the bordering red flower. 

As I have discovered so often with these blocks, the original piecing is very inconsistent.  There was no way the blue flower was going to fit together with the green border hexies without lots of tucks.  Out came the scissors and soon the block was completely disassembled.
I pressed all the old seam allowances carefully to avoid distorting the edges.  Then I gave everything a good shot of starch and pressed again for stability.
I had purchased a 1 1/2" acrylic hexie template to help me draw seamlines on the blocks.  The holes in this hexie illustrate how inconsistent the original seams were.  Most of the other hexies work very nicely with the 1 1/2" template, but this yellow one (and all the blue ones) were way off.
Once I had the hexies pressed and seamlines marked, it was smooth sailing to begin re-assembling the block.  
I'm hopeful I can get the blue and white print hexies attached this evening as I watch some Major League Baseball with Dear Husband and Dear Son.

I'm also hopeful Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching will help keep me motivated to continue working on this quilt!



  1. I hate it when they just don't fit right--I have run into that with my own hexagon projects--there is one sitting in my closet that I have muffled--yelling at me to fix it!! lol hugs, Julierose

  2. I'm sending good hexie energy your way...I love what you've done so far. Hopefully you'll be able to fix everything.
    From one hexie lover to another...hang in there!

  3. That came out great! Love your template. Sounds like you solved the issue and are ready to go.

  4. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! The original piecer probably just worked stitching her seams by eye instead of measuring. :0

  5. I have a lot of unstitching and restitching to do on my hexies which is why they are shoved in the closet for right now. I need to pull them back out!

  6. great vintage GFG so worth finishing it!

  7. Maternal gram would be proud of you! Wow, that takes a lot of patience to fix and piece someone else's blocks...not to mention hexies!

  8. I hope you will be motivated to keep working too because it's awesome!