New Orleans House Project

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Bind-A-Thon Continues

Over the past few months I have accumulated quite a pile of quilts in need of binding .  It's hard to get motivated to hand stitch binding when the weather is warm.  Even if the air conditioning is running, it's uncomfortable to have a quilt draped on your lap for hours on end.

Now that our Gu'f Coast weather has cooled off, I don't have any excuses to keep procrastinating on finishing these quilts!  I've completed hand-stitching the binding and labels for the two memory quilts on the top right; next up is the Scrap Jar Star quilt on the upper left.  Dear Husband and I have planned a driving trip to Florida to visit family, so my goal is to finish those top three quilts by Wednesday so I can deliver them to their new owners. 

Since I'm not working on any new quilting projects, I thought I'd share my latest sewing machine project.  I had been looking for a Singer sewing machine cabinet to house one of my favorite vintage machines.  I found this cabinet AND Singer sewing chair recently, and even though delightfully shabby, it came home with me.  My plan is to remove the veneer and stain the top, then paint the rest of the cabinet.  The chair cushions just need new fabric.  It should be a pretty easy project, right?

The cabinet will eventually hold this machine - a Singer 503A, sometimes called a Rocketeer by sewing machine enthusiasts.  It's a machine that can handle heavy-duty stitching and do zig-zag.  I haven't played with this machine much, so I'm looking forward to getting everything set up for some sewing fun.



  1. Wow, good find. The cabinet will look wonderful re-done!

  2. Best of luck completing those bindings in time for the driving (delivery) trip!!

  3. Yea, for your bind-a-thon. Looks like you're going to meet your vacation deadline. The Singer Rocketeer is visually a modern looking machine. Hope you have fun with it in its new cabinet.

  4. She's a pretty machine! Congrats on getting all of your binding done!

  5. Good for you. Handsewing binding, as well as binding in general, is my least favorite part of quiltmaking; so I've been doing machine sewn faux binding and got it on three quilts. They are much more fun when they are finished!
    I'm glad you found a cabinet that will work for that precious Rocketeer!

  6. Gorgeous machine!
    I love hand stitching the binding - it's so peaceful and meditative. Enjoy yours!

  7. neat old singer. I am looking for a sewing chair like that. Awesome.
    Have fun binding! what a big pile of finished quilts -

  8. Have fun re-doing your cabinet and chair. I fold my quilts, and set them on a lap desk, so that they don't make me hot. I have to keep shifting them, to get to the edge, but, it works for me. I've been doing lots of binding, too.