New Orleans House Project

Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Rainbow Nine Patch Flimsy

I'm excited to have a finished Rainbow Scrap Challenge flimsy to add to the stack!  I had a few distractions, so it took a couple of weeks to get all the nine patch variation blocks sewn together. 
I assembled the blocks in sections instead of rows, but there were still some long seams to pin and sew before the entire top was assembled.

The flimsy measures out at 60" x 72".  I'm don't think borders will add anything, so I'm stopping there.  I'm contemplating some bright polka dots or a stripe cut on the diagonal for the binding.

Now that our weather has finally cooled off, I can no longer procrastinate on binding some quilts.  I've got 4 quilts that need the binding completed in the next 4 weeks - if I stay focused, I can get 'er done!

Somewhere in Blogland, I read about wrapping bias binding around a cardboard tube to help prevent tangles while stitching.  Since I usually struggle with a wad of binding and throw it over my shoulder as I sew, this idea sounded promising.  I pronounce it very useful - just unwind the binding as you stitch.  Of course, it also helps to have a sewing machine with a built-in walking foot - my favorite feature on my trusty Pfaff!

I can't wait to see what finished project the other Rainbow Scrap Challenge stitchers have to share today!