New Orleans House Project

Friday, May 17, 2013

Go Granny, Go!

I had the opportunity to visit one of my local quilt shops, The Quilted Owl, recently.  I found some new fabrics to add to the Grandmother's Choice BOW stash.

I've fallen way behind on stitching up my weekly Grandmother's Choice blocks.  Last weekend DH had to work, so I promised myself I'd spend some time attempting to get caught up.  
I finished six blocks and have two additional ones prepped for hand stitching.  Each of these blocks were fun to make, although I'm kind of partial to Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie (center left), Contrary Husband (center right) and Coffee Cup (bottom right).  Besides the two that need hand-stitching, there's only one more block to finish and I'll be caught up.  On the other hand, Ms. Brackman will publish a new block tomorrow.  I wonder if I can sew into the wee hours tonight and completely catch up?

The design wall was empty, so I pinned up all my Grandmother's Choice blocks so far.  I'm liking the result; just wondering what fabrics I'll use for setting all the blocks together!


  1. Very pretty! You are going to have a wonderful looking quilt.

  2. Angie, your blocks look so good on your wall! Love your new fabrics...actually, I am quite jealous! I'm sure you will put them to good use!

  3. Those blocks are so cute together--I really like that coffee cup a lot! Julierose

  4. The blocks are looking great. The umbrella block is a fun one, but, I'm partial to all star blocks, too.