New Orleans House Project

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cobalt Blue

Last week I mentioned my affinity for blue and white transferware china.  This week I'm focused on cobalt blue glass.  I'm drawn to blue glass of any sort, from blue nazars that ward off the evil eye to blue glass bottle trees to gorgeous blue glass tableware.

I keep a cobalt blue glass ball on the window ledge above my sewing machine.

I scored a beautiful blue pitcher and a flock of glasses at an estate sale yesterday.  I have a small but growing collection of more blue glass at the camp - I'll have to remember to photograph it next time I'm there.

So this week's house is inspired by blue glass.  And dragonflies!

This house isn't nearly as dark as cobalt blue, but it's still an ethereal shade of blue - maybe almost a Haint Blue!

Lots of lovely blue fabric to be seen at this week's Rainbow Scrap Challenge link-up, too!


  1. Oh yes!!! I have quite a few of those cobalt glasswares too :*) I also have several of those blue fabrics - yum!!! The dragonfly is a really nice touch :*)

  2. I have three of those blue mason jars from my Grand'mere--and I just love them. Your house with the dragonfly window is just adorable..hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful blue glassware! that was a real find. Your little blue house is adorable.

  4. My sister collects cobalt blue glassware and I've always admired it. My collecting runs more toward depression glass dishes - cabbage rose pattern. I have a lot of old mason jars though - blue included. They make cute vases for cut flowers.

    Cute dragonfly in the house window.

    I love that blue house with all those windows. I live in a blue house. Had it sided 20 years ago in my fav color!

  5. Another great blue house block. You used the perfect fabric for the roof. The dragonfly made me smile.

  6. Angie, cute little blue house (quilt block). Thank you so much for all the blue ideas and links, I absolutely love blue and I think I need a bottle tree - this summer!

  7. Haint Blue..too funny :)

    Just a note to say I love how you present color, thanks for sharing your viewpoint from your corner of the world.

  8. Cute dragonfly house. Beautiful dark blue fabric.
    Nice picture of the blue house. Love to live in a house with lots of windows like that ... if I didn't have to wash them :D

  9. Two beautiful blue houses. What a pretty rainbow colored neighborhood you must have by now!

  10. Yummy that house, not only the colour but the design of the house is so interesting...are there two front doors?!?

  11. I have never heard of bottle trees and now I want one for my garden!

    Thank you for the wonderful 'blue' post.