New Orleans House Project

Friday, May 10, 2013


I'm so happy to finally have this top pieced!  The 16-patch blocks are from last year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I knew I wanted to use an hour-glass alternate block, so I cut some of them as the challenge went along.  But since the quilt had so many colors,  I couldn't assemble them until I had the blocks in the final layout.  It seemed to take forever to get everything sewn together.  

At this point, the top measures about 60" x 60".  I'd like it to be a little larger, so I'm auditioning border fabrics.

I found two great fabrics hiding in the stash.  They're both 1995 Alexander Henry Fabrics and I have plenty of yardage for borders.  Did I mention this quilt is for my sister-in-law, a former pre-school teacher and now child advocate?

I like the colors in this one, but since it's an obvious Easter fabric, I think it will stay in the stash a bit longer.

This is OK, but the border fabric doesn't have anything to do with the main quilt, so I think it looks a little awkward.

I also have some of this Project Linus fabric in the stash.  It might work as a narrow border.

This is working out better.  AND I have enough of the red fabric for borders.

A little investigating with my nieces and I found out their mom likes green and teal.  I found a neat piece of Stonehenge fabric in shades of teal.  I like it - I think it adds a calming influence to the quilt.  Unfortunately, it's only a half-yard piece, so I may be making a trip to the LQS tomorrow!


  1. This is just so beautiful! You must be so happy with the way it turned out. It is interesting to see your auditions...every border changes the quilt a little. I know the finish will be exquisite!

  2. This is such a fabulous quilt! I can imagine that it took a long time to get the layout sorted, and all the QST's made in the right order! Great job!

  3. Love the Project Linus/Stonehedge combo Angie. I had picked on that even before I read the bit about green & teal being your sister-in-law's favourite colours. Looking good! Dasha

  4. Wow this is looking amazing! I love the blocks and your placement of them is perfect. I agree, although the little people fabric is fun it is very busy and the project linus and green boarder is really nice and links it together really well. Can't wait to see it finished!!!

  5. Wow! I love how you came up with the borders. That teal does make it sparkle. It is so fun seeing how the RSC blocks are making their way into quilts.