New Orleans House Project

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Night Slowdown

My goal for the weekend was to finish this baby quilt.  Success on that front, although I still need to mark it for quilting and get it bin-basted.  This is just a teaser, I'll wait and show the entire quilt when it's finished.

I did discover a new favorite fabric staple while making this quilt.  Kona Snow from the Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton line, is a soft white that works perfectly with pastels.  I had ordered a yard from an online site just to see if I liked it as a staple, and was very pleased with how it worked with the Hushabye fabric.  Best of all, I can get it at my local Hancock Fabrics, so if I need it in a hurry I can get it right away!

Next up, I finished hand-quilting this mini quilt last night while enjoying a fire in the fireplace and some TV time with my DH.  I took a quick pic outside this afternoon before attaching the binding.  Hand-stitching the binding to the back of the quilt will be my project for tonight.  

While I was outside I snapped a pic of one of my camellias, too.  They're blooming a little late this year, but it's a joy to see them!  The bushes are covered with buds, so I'm hoping for a nice, long stretch of blooms.  Camellias are certainly associated with Southern culture, but a New Orleanian is more likely to associate them with the Camellia Grill!

If by chance I get the binding sewn down on the mini hearts quilt, I've got my Abundance quilt ready for hand-quilting.  I should have plenty to stitch on during the season finale of Downton Abbey, right?

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  1. Season finale?!?! Oh no! I will miss it! Such lovely projects to work on...your Abundance is so pretty! Thanks for linking up!

  2. What sweet fabrics in the baby quilt. (I can never find any Kona snow when I try to buy it at a fabric store--well, maybe less than a yard on lucky days.)

  3. I like the soft colorway of the Abundance quilt. I need to remember that I LIKE that colorway.

  4. Love your little quilts Angie! Especially those mini-hearts - so sweet! I agree with you on the Kona Snow fabric - it's wonderfully soft :*) I hope you didn't get any tears on your quilts as you watched Downton Abbey! I was so shocked - these people can't seem to have a baby without trauma. I'm sad now that we must wait forever for the next season!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the fabrics. I'll have to look for that the next time I hit a quilt shop. Love your little heart quilt and the abundance one is so sweet. Glad I am not the only one that pins like that for hand quilting!

  6. i love the soft pinks and tans of your 'Abundance' quilt~!~it's a very pretty piece~!!~

    to see your beautiful southern weather takes my breath away. those camillias are wonderfully loaded with buds. are you still getting lots of flowers?
    we had a high temp today of 41 degrees. there is still piles of melting snow and the grass has not come out of dormancy . . . i'm now considering a move to the south~!