New Orleans House Project

Monday, February 11, 2013

Catching Up With Grandmothers Choice

I've fallen way behind in the Grandmother's Choice BOW sponsored by Barbara Brackman.  I was hoping to be completely caught up by now, but there have just been too many other projects clamoring for my attention.  Here are blocks 15-20; now I'm only 4 blocks behind.  Some of these were quick and easy, others were quite challenging!  The block on the upper left - Old Maid's Ramble - took a few tries to assemble properly.  And the block on the upper right - Mother's Delight - has the colors mixed up, resulting in a completely different block than illustrated.  Oh well, finished is better than perfect!


  1. They all look very nice to me! The old maids ramble looks like a tough block--all those little triangles.:)

  2. Congratulations!
    I'm so far behind that I can't even remember how many blocks I've made!

  3. I really like your Mother's Delight block! I think the colors look better that way. Great job.

  4. It feels good to get caught up (or almost) doesn't it? I am way behind on one of my QAL's too, and it's bugging me! I'm hoping to get them caught up this month.

  5. I like the blue and browns together and the T block has always been a favorite of mine.